Who are we??

Who are we?

We are the Bees. We take care of Beesness and rock out every year at Black Rock City in our yellow and black. We rely on serious energy, creativity, love, and silly shenanigans to keep our love flowing.

We seek to inspire, proselytize, and lead by spreading our love and care for our fair Black Rock City. This shows in our efforts to be a clean green camp, in our now eight years annual LiBeeito Bee's Knees Wednesday Afernoon Party, in the way we BUZZ people (imagine yourself in the middle of 75 vibrating buzzing bEES for a few minutes!), in the way we welcome all passersby into our NectarSector to escape the sun or onto our newest Mutant Vehicle the Red Hot Beverly, and most of all how we love each other and all we meet!

This year in 2019 our HIVE will be coming back to Burning Man for more buzzy fun with 75 campers. We hope you stop by our camp and spend some time with us! We love silly games, meaningful conversations, meeting new people, and supporting all our fellow burners and people of the world. We come from near and far (New York! Italy! Los Angeles! Mallorca! New Zealand! Denver! Seattle!) although our home base and most membership comes from the Bay Area. We love to spend a week in the desert then bring what we learned back to our homes.

2019 Bee Events:

  • Wednesday August 28: 2-6pm: The Infamous LiBeeito Party! Enjoy a lavender infused Bees Knees drink and dance to some dirty beats starting at 2pm. At about 5:30/6pm, we will ride out to the MAN 100+ BEEople strong for the annual MAN SWARM. Wear your Black and Yellow gear! Get buzzed with bEEcHARGE!
  • Buzz by and check our whiteboard for other fun activities, which might include: pasty making workshop, 101 of conflict transformation and more

Credit: Hannah Wang Photography (and fellow bee)