Past Results

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 Boys Singles: 

 Gold: Jason Zhang, John Napier Burnett
 Silver: Kenny Jiang, Collingwood
 Bronze: David Lin, Steveston-London
 Bronze: Steve Wang, Sutherland

 Boys Doubles:

 Gold: Jason Zhang & Andy Chen, John Napier Burnett
 Silver: David Lin & Max Ji, Steveston-London
 Bronze: Allan Zhou & Vincent Liu, Saint George's
 Bronze: Thomas Yuan & Josh Hugh, Saint George's

 Boys Team Standings:

 Tier 1
 Gold: John Napier Burnett
 Silver: Saint George's A
 Bronze: Semiahmoo A

 4. Steveston-London A
 5. Sir Winston Churchill A
 6. Handsworth
 7. Burnaby North A
 8. Collingwood
 9. Samuel Robertson Technical
 10. Gladstone
 11. Britannia
 12. Moscrop
 13. Chilliwack A
 14. Sir Charles Tupper
 15. New Westminster A
 16. Pinetree
 17. Vancouver Technical A

 Tier 2
 18. Saint George's B
 19. Sir Winston Churchill B
 20. Steveston-London B
 21. George Elliot
 22. Semiahmoo B
 23. Chilliwack B
 24. Burnaby North B
 25. Vancouver Technical B
 26. New Westminster B

 Fair Play Award: Paul Sperber, Semiahmoo
 Girls Singles:

 Gold: Ivy Liao, Britannia
 Silver: Isabelle Xiong, York House
 Bronze: Benita Zhou, West Point Grey
 Bronze: Laura Lai, York House

 Girls Doubles: 

 Gold: Isabelle Xiong & Laura Lai, York House
 Silver: Ivy Liao & Rose Huang, Britannia
 Bronze: Yanisa Tirapat & Gloria Yin, Burnaby North
 Bronze: Fiona Fan & Jennifer Jiang, Burnaby North

 Girls Team Standings:

 Gold: York House
 Silver: Burnaby North
 Bronze: Britannia

 4. New Westminster
 5. Sir Winston Churchill
 6. Steveston-London
 7. Semiahmoo
 8. Vancouver Technical
 9. Collingwood

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2013 Results:
  •  Fair Play Award: Wen Long, Sir Winston Churchill
2012 Results:

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