A site to Manage the National Competitions held by the Boys' Brigade.
As well as recording the Historical Information, providing a comprehensive history and stats pages of our National Competitions.
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  • Session  2017-18

Reigning Champions 2017-18

Competitions Started
N. Ireland
Current Champions
Table Tennis  1959/60 0 32 6 17 1  1st Monifieth
Top of the Form / Masterteam  1964/65* 2 12 9 26 0  1st Bearsden
Chess  1969/70* 0 25 3 21 0  1st Cheslyn Hay
Five a Side (Senior)  1968/69* 0 14 5 29 0  15th South Shields
Badminton  1992/93 1 0 9 16 0  1st Houston
Five a Side (Junior)  2002/03 0 4 5 7 0  1st Moneymore

3 87 37 116 1

* = still be to confirmed     [+ still have a couple of years in some competitions where winners are not yet known!]

Our 2017-18 Finalists

 Competitions    Badminton 
 Five a Side (Junior)
 Five a Side (Senior)
 Table Tennis
No of Finalists
   6  4  6 6
32nd Nottingham
1st Crowborough
1st Cheslyn Hay4th Southampton
14th West Bromwich
15th South Shields
2nd Tonbridge
1st Cheslyn Hay1st Kempston
4th Southampton
 N. Ireland
4th Newtownabbey
1st Granshaw
1st Ardstraw
1st Glenwherry
5th Carrickfergus
1st Moneymore
1st Knocknamuckley
7th Portadown
4th Newtownabbey
1st Ardstraw
2nd Coleraine
1st Greenisland
1st Largs
1st Houston
6th/8th Dundee4th/5th Kilmarnock
6th/8th Dundee
1st Buckie
6th/8th Dundee
1st Bearsden
1st Polmont
44th Glasgow
1st Monifieth
        2nd Llantwit Major   
 2017Champions  65th Edinburgh 1st Bearsden 1st Kilkeel 15th South Shields 1st Bearsden 14th Lanchester
 2016 Champions  65th Edinburgh 2nd Bedford 1st Greenisland 2nd Gourock 25th Stirling 1st Kempston
 2015 Champions   65th Edinburgh  1st Glenwherry  2nd Gourock  2nd Gourock  100th Belfast   1st Grangemouth
 2014 Champions    1st Garvagh  1st Cheam 2nd Gourock  16th Newtownabbey  65th Edinburgh 4th Southampton 
 2013 Champions   1st Garvagh 1st Cheam 2nd Gourock 2nd Gourock 16th Newtownabbey 4th Southampton
 2012 Champions    1st Largs  1st Cheam  2nd Gourock  42nd Dundee  4th/5th Kilmarnock  44th Glasgow

Having organised the E&W Competitions for 3 years in the past, and been part of 2 reviews (1991 and 2000) I have a keen interest in the Nationals. My interest with the site now, is to ensure that the Historical data is updated, and in many cases is still being collated. The information shown, is as known to date.

I would gratefully value any assistance that people can give in filling in the blanks,  And any thoughts on how the site can be improved (i.e new features).

Kind Regards
Allan Tresidder

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