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Editor Emerita: Maggie Morley (1998-2010)

Editorial Board

Al Averbach

Claire J. Baker

Jan Dederick

John Rowe

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POETALK is 36 pages, digest-sized, photocopied, saddle-stapled with heavy card cover.

Basic Submission Info: Editorial review and production is on hiatus in 2020-2021. We recommend waiting for a "call for submissions" to be posted here and on the POETALK facebook page.


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Production of POETALK

on hiatus 2020-21

Covers of previous issues from recent years.

(No issues published in 2010).

Cover Art: UC Jazz All-Star Ensemble (2013)

by Geores Buttner (1936-2018)


Dee Allen • David Alpaugh • Al Averbach • Claire J. Baker

Jane Blanchard • Mike Bove • Geores Buttner (In Memoriam)

Patrick Cahill • Robert Cooperman • Deborah H. Doolittle

David Erdreich • E.P. Fisher • Craig Greenman • Jose L. Gutierrez

Don As Tauno Hagelberg • Blaine Hammond • Stephen Kopel

Judith Ann Levison • Lyn Lifshin • Nadine Lockhart • Wulf Losee

Adele Mendelson • Diane Lee Moomey • Tim Nuveen (In Memoriam)

Zack Rogow • Deborah Schmidt • Sherry Sheehan

Robert Collet Tricaro • Julia Vinograd (In Memoriam)

Nancy Wakeman • Karma Tenzing Wangchuk • Jim Watson-Gove

Neal Whitman • Kath Abela Wilson • Cherise Wyneken

Poem from the current issue

Poetry Is a Call to Being

Poetry is a solitude without distances—

A falling world arriving upside-down

At the back of the eye.

Poetry is a night at the crossroads—

A mother’s voice in anguish

From a dead-end in the heart.

Poetry is a call to Being from the roots of words—

An abstract phantasmagoria

Of secret signs & sighs.

Poetry is a choice that chooses you—

An electric arrangement of shapes in a wink

Courtesy of spring in a pulse.

Poetry is a home for higher truths—

A desert crossing, an ancient body of water;

A book of ghosts, a crown of thorns.

Poetry is a puzzle for the soul—

Excalibur embedded in the mists of lost time

At the intersection of yin & yang.

Poetry is a game, a virtual reality

Full of talking heads & panic;

And death-by-the-numbers round-the-clock.

Poetry is a constitutional right—

Love’s answer to the bottom-line,

A daydream as way of life.

Poetry is René Char toting a gun,

Kierkegaard for dummies

With the eras of earth listening in.

E.P. Fisher, Pine Bush NY

Cover artwork by Clyde Always

Cover artwork by Robert Eastwood

Cover artwork by Paula Salemme

Cover artwork by Janet Lee Butler

Cover artwork by Jonathan Machen

The following appears on Page 1 of SUMMER/AUTUMN 2011


All things unfold, and in their time progress

toward less or greater unity of form;

will never coexist in static state

though they may cast a sense of permanence

on anxious souls requiring clean, clear ends.

Illusion carves, for those who trust, a norm

so clean, correctly curved, that it seems true,

like hawk’s wing unfolding—like love between

new lovers, seeing things as they alone will see.

But we, from our detached remove, stand by

a differing pattern guaranteed to shun

all but its own predestined symmetry.

In the life of lovers, unfolding’s not a thing,

finally, but itself—like a hawk’s wing.

Maggie Morley, Mill Valley CA

Appreciation goes out to

all the past editors of POETALK

through the years

(POETALK first appeared in the late 1970s

in a newsletter format):

Maggi H. Meyer

Carter McKenzie

Lisa Wibble

Blaine Hammond

Dale Hermann

Mark States

and others who served on a temporary basis.

This issue of POETALK is dedicated to

its now editor emerita, Maggie Morley.

THANK YOU Maggie for your thoughtful and

skillful editing of this journal over the past decade.

POETALK’s new editorial board, and all those

associated with this publication who appreciate

the variety and quality of the poetry that’s been

presented in these pages, honor you.

So before we move forward, this Page 1

is all yours, Maggie. Cheers to you!