Senior Picture Information

Bath High School

Yearbook Specifications for 2022-2023 Senior Portraits

PLEASE READ: Below is a lot of specific photography requirements. However, in general, a student's senior yearbook picture should look like a traditional semi-formal portrait. Currently, many families are choosing more casual attire and settings for pictures. Every attempt will be made to include the specific photo you want represented in the yearbook.


Image must be in color

Head and shoulders preferred

Full figure images may be cropped

· Simple background

· Full‐face view, no profiles or "turn around" shots

· Color, glossy print paper, no texturing. (If sending a hard copy for us to scan).

· The digital photo should follow these requirements: save as a JPEG file, color set to RGB, resolution set at 300 DPI.

No “soft touch,” “misty,” double exposures, pictures of flowers, wicker chairs, mirror images, props, horses, etc.

· No t‐shirts with writing or store/brand logos

· DEADLINE : Monday, May. 1, 2023 Email or bring photos to the high school office or have the photographer send a CD to the school. DO NOT LEAVE UNDER THE DOOR.

· Do NOT crop the print.

· You may need a release form/letter from your photographer so we can legally use your photo both in the yearbook and in the senior class composite.


· No non‐glossy or textured finishes.

· No ¾ face views

· No profile (side) views.

· No studio imprint/watermark (often on proofs) or student name (I.D.) on the face or front of the photo.

· No “creative” photographic treatment other than standard portrait lighting and editing to match.