Andrea Bassanini

Senior Economist
2, Rue Andre' Pascal,
75775 Paris Cedex 16
Phone: +33-1 45 24 90 32
Fax: +33-1 45 24 90 98
Research Fellow


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Downloadable datasets
  • Dataset for Bassanini and Garnero (2013), Dismissal Protection and Worker Flows in OECD Countries: Evidence from Cross-country/Cross-industry Data 
  • Dataset for Arnold, Bassanini and Scarpetta (2011), Solow or Lucas? Testing Speed of Convergence on a Panel of OECD countries 
  • Dataset for Bassanini and Duval (2006) Employment Patterns in OECD Countries      
- (with E.Caroli, F.Fontaine and A.Rebérioux), Escaping Social Pressure: Fixed-Term Contracts in Multi-Establishment Firms, PSE Working Paper n.2018-11.


Peer-reviewed journals:

- (with F.Cingano) Before it gets better: The short term employment costs of regulatory reforms, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, forthcoming.
- (with G.Brunello and E.Caroli), Not in My Community: Social Pressure and the Geography of Dismissals, Journal of Labor Economics, 35(2), pp. 429-483, 2017
(with E.Caroli), Is Work bad for Health? The Role of Constraint vs Choice, Annals of Economics and Statistics, 119-120, pp. 13-37, 2015.
- (with A.Garnero),
Dismissal Protection and Worker Flows in OECD Countries: Evidence from Cross-Country/Cross-Industry Data, Labour Economics, 21(1), 25-41, 2013.

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Other journals:

- (with T. Manfredi), Capital’s Grabbing Hand? A Cross-country/Cross-industry Analysis of the Decline of the Labour Share, Eurasian Business Review, 4(1), 3-30, 2014

- (with D.Venn), “The impact of labour market policies on productivity in OECD countries”, International Productivity Monitor, 17, 3-15, 2008.

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- “Solving the training divide”, OECD Observer, No. 240/241, pp. 43-45, 2003.


Book chapters:

- (with A.Booth, G.Brunello, M. De Paola and E.Leuven), “Workplace training in Europe”, half of G.Brunello, P.Garibaldi and E.Wasmer (Ed.), Education and Training in Europe, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2007.

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Authored OECD reports:

- OECD Employment Outlook 2018, ed.

- (with. P.Marianna and P.Swaim), "How are we doing? A broad assessment of labour market performance", in OECD Employment Outlook, 2017.

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The 2012 Labour Market Reform in Spain: A Preliminary Assessment, 2014.

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Op-ed articles:

- (with A.Garnero, S.Scarpetta e A.Salvi del Pero) “Perché i salari non crescono”, lavoce.info 31 July 2018.

- (with F.Cingano), "It may get worse before it gets better: The short-term employment consequences of structural reforms", VoxEU, 16 April 2018.

- (with A.Saint-Martin and S.Scarpetta) “Il prezzo del pregiudizio”, lavoce.info 2 July 2008, republished on Il Denaro, 8 July 2008.


Other publications:

- (with A.Saint-Martin) “Ending Job Discrimination”, OECD Policy Brief, July 2008

- (with W.Ok) “How do firms' and individuals' incentives to invest in human capital vary across groups?”, Proceedings of the joint EC-OECD seminar on "Human Capital and labour market performance: evidence and policy challenges", 2005

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