Knowing God is the most important thing in life.
Trusting Jesus as your Lord and Savior is the beginning of your relationship with God. 
You grow in your relationship with God by reading His Word the Bible, thinking about
 what it says, and talking to 
Him about the things on your heart and mind.

            is a series of booklets that will help you learn to hear God's voice and walk in The Spirit. 
By growing in your knowledge of God's Word 
and applying it to your life you 
will be able to find and fulfill His purpose for you.
Begin with the first booklet and go through each one in numerical order.
Spend time each day reading and doing the things the books talk about.

1  GROW TO KNOW GOD  EVERY DAY                                                                 Download English Copy                           

     This booklet will help you learn how to "Grow  To Know God" by living for Him each day.                                          In Amharic (Ethiopian)In Arabic,  In Chinese (Mandarin)/中文 ,  In FrenchIn Greek/Ελληνικά, In Hindi,                    In Marathi, In Manipuri, In Nepali,   In Spanish/Español  In Myanmar/Burmese, In Urdu,   

2  GROW TO KNOW GOD AS A FAMILY                                                                   Download English Copy     

    This booklet will  help you understand how to "Grow To Know God" by applying God's principles for family life.              In Amharic (Ethiopian)In Arabic, In Chinese (Mandarin)    In FrenchIn Greek/Ελληνικά, In Hindi,                         In Manipuri,  In Marathi,  In Myanmar/BurmeseIn Nepali,   In Spanish/Español, In Urdu

3  GROW TO KNOW GOD AS PART OF HIS SPIRITUAL FAMILY THE CHURCH    Download English copy               

     This booklet will help you understand how to "Grow To  Know "God" as you learn about His Church and how to         be part of it.                                                                                                                                                                      In Amharic (Ethiopian), In Chinese (Mandarin),  In French, In Greek/Ελληνικά,  In Hindi,    In Marathi,                       In Manipuri,  In Myanmar/Burmese, In Nepali,   In Spanish/Español, In Urdu,

4  HOW TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT GOD                                                                       Download English Copy        

    This booklet will help you understand the Bible principles of telling other people about knowing                                    God at home, at work, at school, or wherever you are.                                                                                                    In Amharic (Ethiopian), In Chinese (Mandarin), In French, In Greek/Ελληνικά, In Nepali, In Spanish/Español,   

5  HELP OTHERS GROW TO KNOW GOD                                                                     Download English Copy         

    This booklet will help you understand how to teach others about knowing God.                                                              In Amharic (Ethiopian), In Chinese(Mandarin), In French, In Greek/Ελληνικά, In Hindi, In Marathi,                              In Manipuri,  In Nepali,  In Spanish/Español                                            

6  FINDING GOD'S PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE                                                            Download English Copy   

   An outline of how to "Grow To Know God's" purpose for you.                                                                                         IAmharic (Ethiopian), In Chinese (Mandarin),  In French, In Greek/Ελληνικά, In Nepali, ISpanish/Español,   

7  SURVEY OF THE BIBLE                                                                                            Download English Copy    

    An outline of how to "Grow To Know God" by reading through the Bible, and becoming familiar with what is in it.        In Amharic (Ethiopian),  In  Chinese (Mandarin), In FrenchIn Greek/Ελληνικά, In Nepali, In Spanish/Español,

                 If you have any questions about the things you learn while you "Grow To Know God,"                                                        please contact us by clicking here.

As you"Grow To Know God" He will put a desire in your heart to do a particular ministry.  Perhaps we can help train you for it.  If you would like training for ministry so you can help others find and fulfill God's purpose, click here.