Barq Kadapavi
In the Name of Allah the most Merciful and Beneficient.

Brief Family History

Hafiz Shaik Khader Basha known to posterity as Barq Kadapavi - his `nom de plume', belonged to a family of Kadapa. Hazrath-e-Barq father's name is Abdullah Saheb. He has two sons Shaik Ahmed Basha and Mohammed Ghouse. The elder one (Shaik Ahmed Basha), is working in Saudi Arabia and the younger son (Mohammed Ghouse) working in Bangalore, INDIA.
The Beginning of Scholar's Life

With the dawn of the twentieth century there rose, on the sky of Kadapa, a star that has just passed out of our sight, after having shone with the lustre peculiarly of its own. He was born on 1st September 1938, at Kadapa, a well-known town in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. Barq Saheb received his education in the town of his birth, he was the teacher of Urdu Language at the Muslim Urdu Girls high school, Hazrath-e-Barq was awarded The State Sahiya Academy Award, The Best Teacher Award (two times) etc.,

The Pious Land of Kadapa has many respectable Buzugar-e-Deen(ascetic) laid to rest, and it also gave birth to great Ulama and Shura. This place of Andhra Pradesh can be recognized with the name of Barq Kadapavi, his excellent services made his land proud. Many places are familiar and renowned with the names of their Shaura, like noted Bara-Bakanki through Hazrath-e-Khumaar, Ludiyana by Hazrath-e-Sahir, Muradabad with Jigar. And we have many good examples. Hazrath-e-Barq Kadapvi listed into the most eminent and esteemed poets.

Main aspect of Hazrath-e-Barq is, he had the good fortune of being a Hafiz-e-Quran, He complete the Hifiz from Madras-e-Jamia, Kadapa, Moulvi Hazrath Yaqoob Saheb Rahamatullahi alayh was his Master for Hifiz. Hazrath-e-Barq showed a special aptitude for Islamic studies, he educated Quran to hundreds of Muslim boys and girls in Kadapa, which was appreciated by each and everybody in his town, and thus rose an affection between Kadapavi's and Hazrath-e-Barq Kadapavi which lasted all their lives. Barq Hazrath believed to be very strict in giving Quranic verses to his students, He use to treat them gently but not cuddle them because only the test of fire makes fine steel. He was a good Quari-e-Quran.
His thirst for learning Sharī‘a, Dīn and Tasawwuf from the great personalities of his times continues... The great sufi saint 'Hazrath Syed Khader Ali Pasha Qadri Shahmiri Rahamatullahi alayh' was Barq's Sheikh. Hazrath Barq Kadapavi was also fortunate to get the benefits from the company and advices of 'Hazrath Khwaja SyedSha Ameenullah Mohammed Mohammed-AlHussaini Christyul Qadri Rahamatullahi alayh'.
His taste for Urdu Poetry, however, continued to absorb his attention.
Hazrath-e-Barq as a Poet

The highly respected Urdu poet Hazrath-e-Barq, an inclination to write Urdu verse was shown by him at a very early stage of his student life. He use to sent his Kalaam for correction to the famous poets: Hazrath Abrar Hussaini Bangalori, Hazrath Arshad Sidiqi Bhopali, Badi-us-zama Qawir, Hazarath Awaj Yaqoobi Hyderabad, Janab Zafar Qurashi Nagpur, Hazrath Ali Ahmed Jalili and Hazrath Shahruq Jamaal Nagpuri. Hazrath Shariq Jamaal Saheb, of Nagpur who was a Master Poet, After seeing Hazrath-e-Barq's poems a few times, Shariq Jamaal Saheb is said to have written to him that his verses did not need correction. Barq Saheb was invited by almost all Mushaira (poets meet) held in INDIA, he was invited to the great annual gatherings of the Indo-Qatar Urdu Markaz, of Qatar, UAE. He is the first poet from Raylaseema, Kadapa who represented at International poets meet, Hazrath-e-Barq is talented and he knows it. He has a good command over Urdu language. Hazrath has rendered yeoman service to Urdu literature in the last four decades. Hazrath-e-Barq's works received accolades from the late President, V.V. Giri, the former Prime Minister, H.D. Deve Gowda, film star, Dilip Kumar, and others. Barq Saheb had a great voice like a Barq - He was Designate by an identifying term - Lehan-e-Dawoodi. 

  • Hazrath-e-Barq’s Publications

  • Tohfa-e-Naat (Hamd-O-Naat)

  • Noor-O-Nagma (Hamd-O-Naat)

  • Kaskool-e-Rehmath (Hamd-O-Naat)

  • Tajali-e-Barq (Ghazals)

  • Dil Kay Zakham (Ghazals)

  • Lehar Lehar Geet (Nazams and Geets)

  • Andaaz-e-Barq (Hamd-O-Naat-O-Ghazal)

Hazrath-e-Barq has written a large number of Hamd-O-Naat, Ghazals and Geet. His publications include: Tohfa-e-Naat (Hamd-O-Naat), Noor-O-Nagma (Hamd-O-Naat), Kaskool-e-Rehmath (Hamd-O-Naat), Tajali-e-Barq (Ghazals) Dil Kay Zakham (Ghazals), Lehar Lehar Geet (Nazams and Geets), rest of the kalaam/verse of Hazrath-e-Barq is secured by his sons in the latest publications Andaaz-e-Barq - a collection of Hamd-O-Naat, Ghazals, Geet, Nazam of Hazrath-e-Barq - a title of respect.

His poems published in regular syllabus of Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh, and various poems like Barsaat, Paani, Hawa, Rail-Gadi etc. at elementary school levels for children’s. Hazrath-e-Barq is one of the immortals among Urdu poets. May Allah Ta'ala reward Hazrath immensely for the services of teaching Quran to hundreds, and grant you great reward for outstanding versus you have written with full of love and respect of our beloved and holy Prophet Mohammed (Sallalahu-alaihi-wasallam), and reward a Great Palace in Jannaht-ul-Firdous.

Departure of Great Poet from Mortal World

The last two months of Hazrath's life were spent under the shadow of deep sorrow caused by spell of bad health. The end came somewhat unexpectedly after a short illness, on 19th May, 2005 at 3:40AM. His last resting place is in Masjid-e-Yaqoob Saheb, at Kadapa. Hazrath-e-Barq is no longer with us but his work lives will be always a source of inspiration. 'Our eyes are filled with tears, our hearts with grief, but we say nothing with our lips except that which pleases Allah.... Verily, to Allah we belong, and unto Him is our return.'

Masha-allah this site contains entire Kalaam of Hazrath-e-Barq. This is obviously a very precious site for all urdu lovers in terms of inspired performance of Hazrath-e-Barq's Ghazal’s, Nazam’s and Geet’s, and its must read for every Aashiq-e-Rasool (Sallallahu-alaihi-wasallam).

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