In the beginning...

Several months ago, we adopted a sweet black kitty that we named Barley. Very soon after, we decided to build an automatic feeder that would dispense cat food twice a day.  Perhaps because of his early days roaming the streets, or perhaps due to his preference, Barley will devour all the food that’s placed in front of him in approximately 0.02 seconds, so free-feeding was out of the question. We also thought it would be a fun challenge and an interesting project for both of us.

The main features of the feeder are:

  • automatically dispenses an exact amount of dry cat food twice a day

  • has a webcam which monitors the food dispensing process

  • contains a web interface that allows us to see the webcam feed, to ensure that the cat ate when he was supposed to

  • a separate web interface providing direct control of the feeder’s timer and motor configuration

Please browse through this site for all the details on how this project came together, and feel free to ask any questions in the Comments section. For a video of the completed feeder in action, click here.