Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area Philosophy of Science Working Group's website. You will find announcements of our events, a calendar and links to other series of talks of interest to philosophers of science. The group has been organized by

Michael Friedman, Stanford University

Vadim Keyser, California State University Fresno

mailto: vadimkeyser@gmail.com

Elaine Landry, University of California, Davis

David Stump, University of San Francisco

mailto: stumpd@usfca.edu

Bas van Fraassen, San Francisco State University

mailto: fraassen@sfsu.edu

Yann Benétreau-Dupin, San Francisco State University

mailto: yannbd@sfsu.edu

This site was created by David Stump. To get your name on the mailing list for future events or to post information regarding an upcoming event, send a email to David Stump stumpd@usfca.edu

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