Bandon Future

Bandon – An Exciting Future

 The town of Bandon and its people have a very exciting future. The level of recent change experienced is probably small in comparison to what lies ahead. Bandon Farmer’s Market continues to prove successful. Our civic fathers (Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, Bandon Business Group, Bandon Action Group and Business Association) work hard in the background to plan the future. Bandon will see great changes when the Bandon Main Drainage scheme will have been completed. Bandon will see a large increase in the number of houses as well as in it’s population. This, in due course will have a knock-on effect in retailing, schools and local jobs.

 These many changes will bring new challenges and opportunities to both the business people and consumers of the area. A lot of work is being done to make Bandon an even better place. The urban renewal scheme scheduled for Bandon upon completion of the drainage works will enhance the town and improve the quality of life for all.

 Improvements in information and computer technology and hopefully with infrastructure will enhance Bandon even more. Industrial units offering a wide range of services available have cropped up on the main routes into the town. These have, in turn attracted more related industries…it is expected that this will continue.

 The high quality of education is making its’ presence known at third level and beyond. Thankfully, many of the young people of Bandon and the surrounding area are aware of the importance of education and are busy creating a solid platform on which to base their careers. In turn, this is making Bandon an even more attractive location in which to set up.

 Bandon is here to be appreciated and experienced. The best way to do so is to go out and about on the streets to see with ones own eyes the shape, colour and the texture of the buildings and experience the unique culture of Bandon.

 Every town has its own personality depending on the spirit of its people at any given time. The passage of time brings inevitable change; each generation leaves its impact. It is important that our unique heritage is preserved in this fast changing world.

 People who live in a community gain by the existence of that community … it is often said that it is only right that people give something back to that community. One advantage of living in Bandon is that there are many people who believe in this. Actions speak louder than words and these people do something about it. They organise, they raise funds, they co-ordinate and most importantly they participate. Long may this continue!

 400 years ago, Bandon was a small village but today the world has become a global village. Today the people of Bandon come from many diverse traditions and cultures but are united in a desire to ensure that Bandon and Ireland of tomorrow will be a better, brighter, more tolerant and prosperous place for everyone.

 The years ahead should see an increase in population in the area, a development of the potential of the town as a base for companies and hopefully a higher standard of living for all.

 We must cherish the past to understand the future.

 ‘Auxilio Dei Parva Crescunt’ - With the help of God small things grow.