Dr. Balci received his PhD from the University of Maryland, College Park in the field of high temperature superconductivity under the supervision of Prof. Richard Greene. He switched his research field to single molecule biophysics during his post-doctoral career. As a post-doc he worked in the laboratories of Prof. Paul Selvin and Prof. Taekjip Ha at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Balci currently studies DNA-protein interactions using high resolution fluorescence microscopy techniques.
Parastoo Maleki
Physics Graduate Student
pmaleki at kent dot edu
Golam Mustafa
Physics Graduate Student
gmustafa at kent dot edu
Prabesh Gyawali
Physics Graduate Student
pgyawal2 at kent dot edu
 Jacob Taylor
Physics Undergraduate Student
 Kelsey Bittinger
Physics Undergraduate Student

Previous Members

Subrata Mal
Physics Graduate Student.
Completed MS degree in the lab.
Position After Graduation - National Enterprise for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (NEST), Pisa, Italia

Ugur Celik
Visiting Bioengineering Graduate Student from Fatih University, Istanbul Turkey.
Position after graduation: Graduate Student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Dominic Malcolm
Physics (minor in Biological Sciences) Undergraduate Student.
Completed Honors Thesis in the lab.
Position After Graduation: Graduate Student - Biomedical Engineering PhD Program at University of Rochester

Mohammad Haroon Qureshi
Biological Sciences Graduate Student
Completed MS thesis in the lab.
Position after Graduation: Graduate Student
Molecular Biology and Genetics Department, Koc University, Istanbul Turkey

Chad Frutig
Physics (minor in Biological Sciences) Undergraduate Student.
Position after Graduation: MBA at Kent State University

Sujay Ray
Physics Graduate Student
Completed PhD thesis in the lab
Position after Graduation: Postdoc at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Allan Leishman
Physics Undergraduate Student
Completed Honors Thesis in the lab.
Position after Graduation: Graduate student at the Physics Department of University of Notre Dame.

Edward Stafford
Physics Undergraduate Student
estaffo5 at

Amanda Rentsch
High School Student

Ryan Melendez
Physics Undergraduate Student
Position after Graduation: Software Engineer, Battelle

William Roy
Physics Graduate Student
Position after graduation: Engineer at Johns Hopkins Medical School

Jagat Budhathoki
Physics Graduate Student
Position after Graduation: Post-doc at Cornell Uni.

Timothy Park
Physics Undergraduate Student

Random Collection of Pictures from Different Events

Tea Party at Hamza's Home (December 2017)

Jagat and Bill Farewell Dinner (April 2016)

Parastoo presenting a poster at BPS

Jagat presenting a poster at 2015 RNA Rustbelt Meeting.

Sujay, Hamza, Jagat, and Parastoo in the lab (October 2014).

The Real Bill!

Hamza serving as judge in high school science fair (April 2016)

Parastoo and Hamza at BPS Meeting 2017

High school students visiting the lab.