Spring Conference

The 2020 Spring Conference will be held May 15 - 18 at Colfax Fairgrounds in Colfax, WI   

Notes from the Editor, John Grump about 2019 Conference:  We had great weather and turnout for the conference. There was a lot of forging happening and the demos, without exception, were excellent. Don Hogenson started us out with forge welding and hole punching. After each demo all returned to the forges and worked on the demoed technique. Dan Butt’s technique was Drawing Out. Pete Stanaitis had splitting. Dan Winrich did Upsetting. Brad Hegge was twisting and Dave Weiss demoed Scrolling. Thanks go out to all these talented Smiths for sharing their expertise.  We had a catered supper from Famous Dave’s and a bonfire to end the day.

The 2016 Spring Conference 

Our 14th annual Spring Conference was well attended.  We had 19 families participating.  The Colfax Fairgrounds is an ideal facility.  There is a covered area with bleachers and ample room for the nine forges we had going at once.  Just across the way is also a covered area for the meals and socializing.  All in all it was a satisfying conference.  Bob Brown, as all good demonstrators, make their smithing look easy.  Bob did not miss a beat and with his mild demeanor made his presentation enjoyable.