2010 -  Present

Nov 2018 
    In the recording studio


Sept 2016
A new line up, with our very own fiddle player, getting ready!

Feb 2016...a new group of folk on the backporch.
Getting our tunes in order. BackPorch Banjo is 
ready to go......
 2014 - 2015
On June 23 2013 Linda broke her arm,
 a lesson too late for the learning, lol
Banjo out of commission while the 
slow healing took place
Feb 2013

We're on the steps... leading UP to the back porch. 

Revitalized with a new player and a bright, well blended sound, 
BackPorch Banjo is ready to embark on another exciting season of bluegrass!  
Listen for us at the Lighthouse Bluegrass Festival
 Coombs Bluegrass Festival and other sites around the mid-island.  


Forbidden Plateau Concert House July 2012

Ukie Days photo booth July 2012

2012 core line-up 

The 2012 core line-up consisted of:
 Linda Thorburn on banjo
Ted Granger on fiddle
Kazimea Sokil on mandolin, clawhammer, & vocals
Bob Slater on guitar & vocals
Note the back porch has been constructed here as a log cabin... a little rustic. We're working on that!

2012 saw another busy year for BackPorch Banjo!   Along with private parties and public gigs, the highlights of the summer were playing to an enthusiastically appreciative audience at the Bowser Legion, then going on to take part in the Lighthouse Bluegrass Festival, in Qualicum Bay, where we reconnected with fellow musicians - 
Mark Phillips & 3rd Generation of Oklahoma,
High Rise Lonesome of Vancouver,
Elena Yeung & Kootenay Special, Creston,
and the Andrew Collins Trio of Toronto.  

In July, we filled a barn at the Forbidden Plateau Concert House, a new experiment in hosting and marketing our own concert. It was fun, we'll have to do that again!

We also played in front of spectacular scenery at the Courtenay Rod & Gun Club Family Day, took in the west coast air at Ukie Days in Ucluelet, & rounded off our summer with another journey to the CoombsBluegrassFestival, in Coombs
 where we were happy to be joined by 30 great musicians for the Biggest Band in BC event.  

A highlight for both Kazimea & Linda at Coombs, 
was jamming around the campfire with Pete Wernick (Dr. Banjo) & his wife Joan.  He had left his banjo behind, so he played Kazimea's for HOURS!  

At Ukie days in July 2012, we squeezed into the Four Frames photo booth - with ALL of our instruments!  Quite a challenge, considering we had bassist Mike Brooks (of Victoria) with us for the gig.  what can we say, we're a close-knit group! 


original band poster 2011
Notice that we are playing in the woods: 
the back porch is not yet built!
Kazimea Sokil on mandolin, banjo, vocals
Earl Purvis on double bass  
Bob Slater on guitar and vocals
Linda Thorburn on banjo

at Coombs Bluegrass Festival, August 2011
Earl, Kazimea, Bob and Linda
BackPorch Banjo became an active bluegrass band in
 2010 at the SandBar Cafe one night in Qualicum Beach
  we noticed we all had the right instruments for a bluegrass band
 and we thought we sounded like one too.
Since that time, the band has continued play traditional
 bluegrass music and some old time fiddle tunes. 
 We intersperse those tunes with a little of this  & that,
 tunes we know and love, and continue the tradition
 of playing at markets, festivals, events, parties, etc, locally.  
  Since Linda is the only original band member
remaining, she has taught the others the most
 popular and well loved tunes of the earlier
 BackPorch Banjo years.

BackPorch Banjo formed in the fall of 2010 and took off like a lightning-speed banjo roll.  The highlights of the first summer included performing at the 1st Annual Lighthouse Bluegrass Festival, where BackPorch Banjo shared the stage with Canada's premiere bluegrass band, the  Foggy Hogtown Boys from Toronto, and the international bluegrass supergroup, Long Road Home featuring Pete Wernick aka Dr. Banjo, from Colorado.

Later in the month, BackPorch Banjo performed at the Chemainus Bluegrass Festival, playing on the same  stage as mandolin wizard John Reischman & the Jaybirds.  BackPorchBanjo capped off their festival-rich summer by performing at B. C.'s longest running bluegrass festival, the Coombs Bluegrass Festival sharing the stage with Oklahoma's Mark Phillips & 3rd Generation and Special Consensus, one of bluegrass' long running touring groups, from Chicago.  In early September BackPorchBanjo played at April Point Resort,  Quadra Island. 
Having firmly established themselves on the Vancouver Island festival circuit, BackPorch Banjo settled in for a cosy winter of jamming and repertoire-building.