WELCOME to BackPorch Banjo
Bluegrass Band

We are an active bluegrass
band hailing from
Parksville-Qualicum Beach.

We are the #1  bluegrass band
in Qualicum since 2014.

BackPorch Banjo came together
 from a desire for all of us
to play good bluegrass music.

 BackPorch Banjo is an active traditional bluegrass band. 
If you  need to hire a good bluegrass band, we
are available for your special event, party, 
festival, market, birthday,  
celebration of life, or any
other occasion. 

   Please contact:

  Linda Thorburn, Qualicum Beach    

                                                                      Ramona Ruf, Qualicum Beach  


     Mar 11 2018            Second Sunday  10:00-12:00
                                             Lighthouse Community Centre

                                 July 1                      Qualicum Beach Canada Day Celebrations
                                                           Outside Qualicum Legion3:30-6:30pm

       July 7 2018            Errington Market 10:00-1:00

            July 8 2018           Lighthouse Community Centre
                                     Second Sunday 10:00-12:00

                                                            July 18, 19, 20 & 22     BeachFest 2018  2-4pm
                                                                                                   Parksville Beach Kiosk

July 28                          Private Party, Sidney

  We welcome you to have a listen...   
 tunes from our previous line-up to the 
present are available here on the sound
files page. 



BackPorch Banjo became an active bluegrass band in
 2010 at the SandBar Cafe one night in Qualicum Beach
  we noticed we all had the right instruments for a bluegrass band
 and we thought we sounded like one too.
Since that time, the band has continued play traditional
 bluegrass music and some old time fiddle tunes. 
 We intersperse those tunes with a little of this  & that,
 tunes we know and love, and continue the tradition
 of playing at markets, festivals, events, parties, etc, locally.  
  Since Linda is the only original band member
remaining, she has taught the others the most
 popular and well loved tunes of the earlier
 BackPorch Banjo years.

BackPorch Banjo members live on 
Vancouver Island, B. C.
and here's who we are:

 Luann Burton, Sidney, B. C.
                                                                                       Acoustic Bass 
                                                                                 Vocals & harmonies

Ramona Ruf, Qualicum Beach, B. C.
Rhythm guitar
 Lead vocals & harmonies

                                  Mimi Shell , Parksville, B. C.                                  
                                                                              Fiddle & Vocal  harmonies

                                                                                         Linda Thorburn
5 String banjo & harmonies, Qualicum Beach, B. C.

Ted Granger, Bowser, B. C.
Mandolin, Lead Vocals & Harmonies

                                                                                       Joe Spinelli, Nanaimo, B. C.
Acoustic bass (spare)

The newer lineup of the band has spent the past two summers
 busy with gigs. during Beachfest this summer Luann joined the
 band as a spare bass player.  Since then we have had several
 requests to play as a 4 piece ladies band.  The group looks
 forward to playing lots in the future.  Hope to see you
 down the road next year....

BackPorch Banjo  Nov 10 2017