Winter League

AYSO Area 2N Winter Program

Winter League Directors
  • Craig Wallace -

  • 2017 Winter League Rules & Regulations

  • Winter 2016-2017 League Deadlines
    • October 23 (Sunday): Regional Commissioners to identify a Regional Winter Select Coordinator; Name, Email, Mobile #.
    • November 1 (Tuesday): Regional Winter Select Coordinators (WSC) to confirm which Divisions they intend to enter Teams: U09B/G, U10B/G, U12B/G, U14B/G. A Region may initially enter one Team in each Division, for a total of 8 Teams/Region and 64 Teams in Total playing Area Winter Select 2016.
    • November 1 (Tuesday): Regional Winter Select Coordinators to confirm the Region’s Uniform Color and Team Name Theme.
    • November 15 (Tuesday): Field Slots due (information includes date/time, field name and age group playing on the Field).
      December 4 (Sunday): WS Head & Assistant Coach Team Assignments and Contact Information (Email & Mobile #) due.
    • December 4 (Sunday): WS Referees Identified with Contact Information (Email & Mobile #). 2 Referees are required per Team. A minimum of 16 Referees/Region for 8 Teams, 12 available to Referee WS Games each week.
    • December 5 (Monday): Winter Select teams may begin Training. No Training Sessions before this date.
    • December 19 (Monday): Teams, Players and Coaches MUST be entered into eAYSO.
    • January 3 (Tuesday): Coach Photo IDs created by the Region for each Winter Select Coach and available for collection.
    • January 5 (Thursday this year): MANDATORY Coaches Meeting in the Wind Room of the Foster City Community Center, 1000 East Hillsdale Blvd., Foster City from 7:00pm-9:00pm. The Head or an Assistant Coach must attend for each Winter Select Team.
    • January 7 (Saturday) - February 25 (Saturday): Area Winter League Season (8 weeks)
    • January 13 (Friday): Player Registration Fees due to be paid by each Region to Area 2N.
    • January 23 (Monday): Latest Date to add/replace a Player on a Winter Select Team Roster, the conclusion of Week #3.