I am an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Manchester. I joined University of Manchester in Fall 2014 and received my PhD in Economics from Tilburg University in 2014 December.  I am both an applied theorist and an experimental economist with broad interests in behavioral economics, experimental economics and industrial organisation. In one line of my research I investigate effort provision and optimal prize structures in contests/tournaments with tangible and non-tangible prizes with applications to labour market. In another line of research, I analyse cooperative behaviour in different environments with finitely and infinitely repeated game structure with applications to Industrial Organisation. 

 Contact Information:

 Address:      School of Social Sciences             
                  Arthur Lewis Building 3.005                    
                  University of Manchester                                   
                  Oxford Road                                   
                  Manchester  M13 9PL                   
                  United Kingdom

 Phone:      +44 0161 275 4862  

 Email:        aysegulmermer {at} gmail {dot} com
                  ayse.mermer {at} manchester {dot} ac {doc} uk