Axel Gottfries

Lecturer (Assistant Professor), University of Edinburgh

Research interests: Macroeconomics, Labor economics 

Contact information: axel(dot)gottfries(at) CV: Link


with Jake Bradley, Quantitative Economics, November 2021

with Mike Elsby, Review of Economic Studies, May 2022

with Coen Teulings, Labour Economics, January 2023

Working papers

with Gregor Jarosch [updated: April 2023

with Mike Elsby, Ryan Michaels and David Ratner  [updated: June 2023; r&r Journal of Political Economy]

with Jake Bradley [updated: July 2022; r&r Journal of the European Economic Association

with  Mike Elsby, Pawel Krolikowski, and Gary Solon [updated: October 2023]

[updated: October 2022

Work in progress

Spatial Hysteresis 

with Michael Amior and Mike Elsby

Untitled Project 

with Hannes Malmberg