This autism puzzle piece key chain has an autism charm and 2 crystal charms on a horseshoe style key ring. Made with sterling silver.

This autism bracelet has a puzzle piece and words "Autism Awareness" in blue. Wear together for a layered look.

This autism awareness bracelet have blue and silver beads with 2 charms; an autism ribbon as well as a heart charm that says "Where There is Love is Life." This bracelet is 71/2'' wide and have an elastic so they stretch to fit most.

This light weight autism awareness back pack is bright yellow with an adorable "Autism Touches All" emblem with puzzle pieces and hands. This backpack is 18''/15'' wide with hemmed top with drawstrings closure and bottom corner grommets reinforcement.

This light weight autism awareness tote bag are similar to reusable bags at your local grocery store.

This autism awareness magnet is 4'' tall and are perfect for refrigerators or your car to show your support.


Comes in either pink or white, and sizes S, M, L, XL.