Austrian Bonsai Association (english)

About Austria:

Austria is a small place in the world with a surface of about 83.000 square kilometres and a little more than 8 million people.

But good things come from small packages, like bonsai. Austria has everything, apart from beaches on the sea and deserts, even interesting bonsai and yamadoris.

It is one of the green pieces of Europe with snow capped mountains and nice places, from hills awash with vines and sunflower blanketed plains to gothic churches, baroque palaces and Art-Nouveau- and Jugendstil civic buildings.

More than half of its surface area is alpine, the location where wonderful yamadoris are growing.

Austria is famous for its skiing and climbing resorts and is a save place to live. It has had a great history and characterised during the past centuries the political and economical development of Europe.

Bonsai in Austria:

The bonsai-idea has a long tradition in Austria. There are many bonsai-enthusiasts. Within 8 official registered Bonsai Clubs about 300 members are participating in bonsai activities.

As shown on previous exhibitions the members of A-B-A are able to create and present a big variety of excellent bonsai and to organize exhibitions at different locations in Austria.

At present in Austria there are certificated national bonsai-instructors. Many of the club members have good experience and have done workshops with famous international instructors.

The bonsai clubs are in contact with neighbouring clubs in Bavaria, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The Austrian-Bonsai-Association:

The association is run by a board of 12 members. The president, the first vice-president, the secretary and the treasurer are the four main managing members which come from the same bonsai club. The term of office is three years.

It has its legal office in Enns (Upper Austrai) and is a Non-Profit Organisation (NOP).

The goals are given in its “Bye Laws” and will correspond with the “Bye Laws” of the European Bonsai Association (EBA).

Information will be exchanged by electronic means (e-mail) within the organisation

The Objectives are:

    • Promotion of the bonsai-idea in Austria.

  • Promotion of suiseki and kusamono culture.

  • Representation of our members in the public and in international organisations (like EBA)

  • Coordination and realization of meetings and exhibitions

  • Information transfer between the clubs, the further education and the exchange of experiences.

  • Listing of criteria's for legitimating of national bonsai instructors and a national award.

  • Promotion of international club twinning.