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This site centralizes digitized information relevant to First World War Australian A.I.F. personnel who served in Russia 1919

Initial source: Australian War Memorial Collection MSS2333 "From Anzac To Archangel. Nominal Roll of Australians who fought in the Russian War of Intervention 1918-1919. Compiled by T Truswell" - (Truswell manuscript alterations lists corrections and additions)

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NAME / AIF numberBiography-various sourcesAIF Service RecordResidence (embarkation)North Russia Expeditionary ForceOther Link(1)Other Link(2)Other Link(3)
ABBOTT, G M / 61941     Article (June 1919)-only known reference   
ABERCROMBIE, Brian Cuthbert / 2220 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Chelsea, London - URQUAHART, Richard (alias) 133056 (45 BATTALION)    
ALEXANDROFF, Alex / 6823 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Sydney NSW (born Vladivostock, Russia) L/2 1564 Middlesex Regiment (service record p12, 15) National Archives Australia-naturalisation papers 1941  
ALLISON, Robert Richard / 2856 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Marrickville, NSW 192142 (201 BATTALION) Article (Jan 1919) Article (March 1920) Article (Dec 1918) 
ANDERSEN, Olaf Christian / 55324 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Melbourne, VIC 133025 (45 BATTALION) National Archives Australia-NREF record   
ASKEW, Arthur Ernest / 3433 Site-compiled National Archives Australia South Bundaberg, QLD "Failed to enlist in the R.R.F. [Russian Relief Force]" (page 11 service record)    
ATKINS, David Thomas / 3252 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Wodonga VIC; name change (deed poll) McKay-Aitken David Leith; (born Karl Otto Buschmann) 133043 (45 BATTALION) We Who Proudly Served (Peter Francis Kenny) Article (June 1919)  
ATTIWILL, Keith Gordon / 56029 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Walkerville, SA / news editor of The Argus (Melbourne) 133040 (45 BATTALION) Article (Sep 1919) Article (Sep 1945) National Archives Australia-NREF record 
ATTIWILL, Keith Gordon / 56029 (cont)     Article (Apr 1920) Article and photo (Aug 1929)  
BAKER, Edward Warrington / 3363 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Surry Hills, NSW 133004 (45 BATTALION)-(service record p 26) Article (June 1919)   
BARBER, Glen Joseph / 18833 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Yass, NSW Royal Field Artillery 293025 (service record p35) Photo (Yass Historical Society-PENDING PErMISSION) Article (Aug 1920)  
BARTLETT, Allan Edward / 54864 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Mount Gambier, SA 193024 (201 BATTALION)  Article (July 1922)  
BAUER, Oscar / 5348 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Northam, WA 133015 (45 BATTALION) Article (Jan 1919) AWM Red Cross File Article (May 1938) Story of Eleventh Battalion 
BAVERSTOCK, William Bosville / 51079 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Mosman, NSW (201 BATTALION) AWM Private Collection (Letters) Article (June 1919) Article (Apr 1958) 
BENNETT, Albert Horace / 695 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Warragul, VIC 192228 (201 BATTALION) AWM Military Medal Tribute-Honouring Anzacs  
BORELAND, Stanley John / 2135 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Murrumburrah NSW 193018 (201 BATTALION) Article (July 1917) AWM Red Cross File  
BOYLE, Richard Henry / 5670 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Portland, VIC Applied for NREF; not successful (service record p19, 50, 74)    
BREWSTER, Arthur Claude / 5310 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Northcote, VIC 192207 (201 BATTALION)    
BROOKE, Norman Montague / 4376 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Canterbury, VIC 133029 (45 BATTALION) AWM Collection (Badge Belt) Distinguished Conduct Medal (AIF Project) AWM Collection-interview (sound recording) 
BROWN, Allan / CAPT (121) Site-compiled National Archives Australia Toowoomba QLD/ kia Russia 20-7-19 (murdered during mutiny; buried Archangel Allied Cemetery) Elope Force Photo and article (Brisbane Courier Sep 1920) AWM Private Collection (letters and postcards) Article-mentioned (Vladimir Kroupnik) 
BROWN, Robert / 491 Site-compiled National Archives Australia East Orange, NSW 'Did not join NRRF' (service record p43)    
BURROW, William Henry / 2073 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Bundaberg, QLD 133078 (45 BATTALION) National Archives Australia-NREF record National Archives Australia-permanent forces post WW1  
CHEESEMAN, Joseph Dennis John / 2760 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Newtown, NSW 133071 (45 BATTALION)    
COLLIER, Douglas Stanley / 2632A Site-compiled National Archives Australia Brisbane, QLD 192219 (201 BATTALION)    
COLLINS, Joseph Michael / 5803 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Croydon, NSW 133018 (45 BATTALION) AWM Photo AWM Military Medal (NREF) National Archives Australia-NREF record 
CORMACK, Cornelius Michael / 2584 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Clare, SA 133019 (45 BATTALION) Article (letters home Dec 1916)   
CROOK, Albert Thomas / 58681 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Coledale, NSW 133055 (45 BATTALION) State Library NSW Photo AWM Collection (Cecil James Crook-brother)  
DALE, John Thomas / 2115 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Murgon, QLD 133022 (45 BATTALION) National Archives Australia-NREF record   
DARBY, Harry / 3307 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Warburton, VIC 193033 (201 BATTALION) Article (life story) July 1931   
DAVIES, Charles Stewart / LT COL Site-compiled National Archives Australia   AWM French Criox-de-Guerre AWM French Croix-de-Guerre citation  
DAVIES, Charles Stewart / LT COL (continued)  AIF Project (UNSW/ADFA) Melbourne, VIC (later Subiaco, WA) Lt Col 45th BATTALION Royal Fusiliers RSL Virtual War Memorial - photo and service detail AWM Distinguished Service Order AWM Brevet Lieutenant Colonel 
DENVILLE, Harold / 50A Site-compiled National Archives Australia Brisbane, QLD 193044 (201 BATTALION) National Archives Australia-NREF record   
DIDSBURY, James / 1298 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Cheshire, UK 133079 (45 BATTALION)    
DONLON, Marcus / 2647A Site-compiled National Archives Australia Charters Towers, QLD 133030 (45 BATTALION) eHive-Flinders Shire Historical Project Photo Article (May 1918) National Archives Australia-NREF record 
ELLIOTT, George / 2317 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Bexley, NSW  Article (June 1919)   
FAGAN, John / 1920 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Surry Hills, NSW 133042 (45 BATTALION)    
FLEMING, Jack Cyril / 2481 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Hobart, TAS Royal Air Force 333727-(service record p31-32)    
FLINTON, James Patrick / 3540 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Mansfield, VIC 193047 (201 BATTALION) Article (Sep 1915)   
FLORAS, Francis / 602 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Coogee, NSW     
FRANCIS, Frank / 61389 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Carlton, VIC 192144 (201 BATTALION)    
FRANCIS, James / 1268 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Morphettville, SA 133066 (45 BATTALION) National Archives Australia-NREF record AWM Red Cross File  
FRENCH, Bernard Russell / LT COL Site-compiled British Army-Royal Irish Fusiliers (article Aug 1917-awarded Silver Medal Crown of Italy)   University of Sydney (Beyond 1914) Article (Jan 1920)  
GABBOTT, G J   Likely to be G M ABBOTT AIF 61941     
GAFFEY, Ernest / 3153 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Bundarra, NSW 133035 (45 BATTALION) Australian Light Horse Research-photo and biography National Archives Australia-NREF record  
GASCOIGNE-ROY, Heatlie Fletcher Site-compiled National Archives Australia - NREF record North Sydney, NSW (see 'other links') 130525 (46 BATTALION) AWM Distinguished Conduct Medal Article (Edinburgh Gazette Jan 1920) Distinguished Conduct Medal National Archives UK - service detail 
GIPPS, Horace Bridges / LIEUT (1043) Site-compiled National Archives Australia South Yarra, VIC 133028 (45 BATTALION) We Who Proudly Served (Peter Francis Kenny) Article (June 1919)  
GOATES, Ernest Henry / 61142 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Creswick, VIC 133045 (45 BATTALION)    
GOODING, Frank / 4713 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Newtown, NSW 193045 (201 BATTALION) National Archives Australia-NREF record Family Bio (All Australia Memorial)  
GRAHAM, Robert Louis / LIEUT (20) Site-compiled National Archives Australia Uxbridge, UK Elope Force Photo and biography AWM Distinguished Conduct Medal  
GREATOREX, Michael Walter Sexton / 56324 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Pinjarra, WA 193023 (201 BATTALION) National Archives Australia-NREF record Article (June 1920) Article (May 1918) 
GUHL, Avery Cyril / 56334 Site-compiled National Archives Australia East Perth, WA 133012 (45 BATTALION) National Archives Australia-NREF record Article (June 1922)  
GUINEA, John Gerard / 57673 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Murwillimbah NSW (Note: WW2 service record name John Denis Guinea) 133008 (45 BATTALION) Article (May 1918)   
HANKE, Theodore / 60072 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Petersham, NSW 193032 (201 BATTALION) Article (Aug 1920)   
HAYES, Stanley George / 53591 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Mosman, NSW 133027 (45 BATTALION)    
HENDERSON, Claude Hamilton / 3679 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Warrnambool, VIC     
HICKEY, Charles John / 1668 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Wongan Hills, WA Elope Force AWM Photo (group) Article (Oct 1915)  
HICKEY, John Joseph / 4809 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Richmond River, NSW 133014 (45 BATTALION)    
HILL, Charles Godfrey / 59749 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Cremorne, NSW 133031 (45 BATTALION) University of Sydney (Beyond 1914) Article (Dec 1957)  
HODSON, William / 2668 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Oakey, QLD 133024 (45 BATTALION) AWM Military Medal Article (Feb 1920)  
HOOPER, Archie Gordon / 137 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Adelaide, SA 133034 (45 BATTALION)  We Who Proudly Served (Peter Francis Kenny)  
HOWARD, Claude / 6928 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Perth, WA 193043 (201 BATTALION) Article May 1921 (Howard's Revenge)   
HYNDES, Roy Eric / 3127 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Marrickville, NSW  The Southern Highlands-Berrima District Article (Aug 1916)  
JAMES, Stanley Edward / 3094 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Stawell, VIC (Note: real name Stanley James SUMNER) 192221 (201 BATTALION)    
JENKYN, Richard / 3635 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Melbourne, VIC (Note: alias Richard CARR) Royal Air Force 336531 (service record p43) Article (June 1919) AWM Distinguished Conduct Medal  
JONES, Arthur Edward 5872 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Blackboy Hill, WA 133080 (45 BATTALION)  AWM Award Recommendation  
JONES, Joseph Thomas / 5659 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Adjungbilly, NSW 133033 (45 BATTALION)    
JONES, Walter Herbert / 6332 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Cunnamulla, QLD 193013 (201 BATTALION)  AWM Military Medal  
KANNELL, A D        
KELLY, Edward Patrick / 3411A Site-compiled National Archives Australia Newcastle, NSW 133077 (45 BATTALION)    
KELLY, John Robert Cowan / 453 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Newcastle, NSW Elope Force AWM Photo and biography AWM Collection (news cuttings, ephemera) AWM Collection (Memoir-compiled 1969) 
KELLY, John Robert Cowan / 453 Burwood History Week address with images (Patric Millar)    Life after The Great War (Patric Millar) Burwood Town Clerk retired 1961 news items (Patric Millar) Obituary 1985 (Patric Millar) 
KELLY, Patrick / 157 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Surry Hills, NSW 133073 (45 BATTALION)    
KENNARD, William Augustus / 2972 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Stanmore, NSW 133057 (45 BATTALION)    
KEVAN, John McClure / 58591 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Dapto, NSW 133026 (45 BATTALION) Article (Oct 1919) Article (June 1927)  
KEVORKIAN, Elias / 804 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Port Pirie, SA     
LAMB, Vernon Waghorn / 13980 Site-compiled National Archives Australia (discharged mid-1917; joined R.N.A.S) Elwood, VIC  Article (June 1919)   
LARKINS, Francis Edwin / 7036 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Port Fairy, VIC 201 BATTALION  Article (Jan 1917)  
LEE, Leslie / 377 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Willoughby, NSW 193041 (201 BATTALION)    
LOHAN, Paul Francis / CAPT Site-compiled National Archives Australia Melbourne, VIC Elope Force Article and Photo (Aug 1914) Article (March 1917)  
LUTHERBORROW, Allan John / 5701 Site-compiled AIF Project (UNSW/ADFA) Beecroft, NSW 133005 (45 BATTALION) AWM Distinguished Conduct Medal National Archives Australia-NREF record Article (Aug 1919) 
MADDEN, Norman Wallace / 60483 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Como, NSW 133060 (45 BATTALION) State Library NSW Photo National Archives Australia (join RAN 1921)  
MAHER, William / 225  AIF project (UNSW/ADFA) Brisbane, QLD 133052 (45 BATTALION)    
McDONNELL, Sidney George / 2710 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Brisbane, QLD 133023 (45 BATTALION) - (service record p24)    
McLEAN, James Duncan / 58612 Site-compiled National Archives Australia St Leonards, NSW 133037 (45 BATTALION)    
McLEOD, Samuel / 15710 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Surry Hills, NSW 133047 (45 BATTALION) National Archives Australia-NREF record   
MEERIN, Robert / 2845 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Sydney, NSW (Note: born Russia) Photo and biography National Archives Australia (naturalization certificate)  
MERCER, John Dawson / 5496 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Townsville, QLD 133016 (45 BATTALION) National Archive Australia-NREF record WW2 Service (Captian)  
METCALFE, Francis Augustin / 7583 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Armidale, NSW (alias Francis Augustin RYAN) 133020 (45 BATTALION) RAN Service 3886 (joined 23 Dec 1916; deserted Oct 1917)   
MINKSHLIN, Anthony / 1328 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Vilna, Russia 133066 (45 BATTALION) Photo and biography National Archives Australia (medals awarded 1934)  
MORRIS, John / 2846 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Ingham, QLD S/10963 R.A.S.C (Russian Expeditionary Force) - (service record p26) AWM Photo (group)   
MURRAY, James Daniel / 4136 (NAA listing 864) Site-compiled National Archives Australia Waterloo, NSW  Article and photo (Mar 1916)   
NAVEAU, Frank Alfred Thomas / 4065 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Stanmore, NSW (Note: aka BILLETT, Thomas Alfred) 133061 (45 BATTALION) AWM Photo (group) ACT Memorial website The Southern Highlands-Berrima District 
NEWMAN, Victor / 6769 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Cootamundra, NSW  Article (June 1919)   
ODLIFF, Ivan / 3177 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Windsor, NSW 193040 (201 BATTALION) National Archives Australia-NREF record Biography  
OLIVER, Charles / 6865A Site-compiled National Archives Australia Adelaide, SA 192110 (201 BATTALION) - (service record p44)    
OLSEN, Edward James / 5849 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Rozelle, NSW 193014 (201 BATTALION) - (service record p29) Article (May 1916) Photo & Family Bio (All Australia Memorial)  
O'REILLY, Peter Joseph / 5378 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Adelaide, SA 133053 (45 BATTALION) - (service record p52)    
OSBORNE, Robert August / 2664 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Melbourne, VIC 192227 (201 BATTALION) - (service record p64)  AIF Project (UNSW/ADFA) Military Medal  
PARSONS, James Luke / 586 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Horsham, VIC  Article (Jan 1918) Article (April 1915)  
PEARSE, Samuel George / 2870 Site-compiled Monument Australia (website)-statue Mildura VIC Koolong VIC 133002 (45 BATTALION) AWM Grave (Russia) Australian Dictionary of Biography Article (The Argus Jan 1941) 
PEARSE, Samuel George / 2870 (cont)  National Archives Australia   AWM Photo - mentions Victoria Cross posthumously awarded AWM Military Medal  
PEDEN, James / 60985 Site-compiled National Archives Australia South Melbourne, VIC 133039 (45 BATTALION)    
PEITI, Jack / 7514 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Day Dawn, WA 133050 (45 BATTALION) - (service record p22) National Archives Australia-NREF record   
PERRY, Bertram Harold / 487 Site-compiled AIF Project (UNSW/ADFA) Horsham, VIC Elope Force AWM Photo AWM Kitbag photo 'elope force' AWM Private Collection 
PERRY, Bertram Harold / 487 (cont)  National Archives Australia   Article (Dec 1918) AWM Military Medal AWM Photo (Arctic clothing) 
PIOCH, Edward Henry / 2188 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Mount Morgan, QLD 133975 (45 BATTALION) National Archives Australia-NREF record Article (Aug 1918)  
PORTEOUS, Ernest / 2034 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Perth, WA 133064 (45 BATTALION)    
PURDUE, Joseph / 60748 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Gippsland, VIC 133007 (45 BATTALION) Article (Oct 1920) AWM Distinguished Conduct Medal Article (Oct 1919) 
QUAMBY, Cyril Leslie / 7786 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Hobart, TAS 192218 (201 BATTALION) - see service record p32  Article (  
QUARRELL, William Frederick / 10897 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Manjimup, WA 133059 (45 BATTALION) AWM Distinguished Conduct Medal AIF Project (UNSW/ADFA) Distinguished Conduct Medal  
RAWLINS, Edward Bland Lionel / 2063 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Carlton, VIC 133058 (45 BATTALION)  Article (Oct 1919)  
REA, Harry / 60025 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Leichhardt, NSW 133017 (45 BATTALION)    
REDMOND, Henry Edward / 3967 Site-compiled National Archives Australia North Perth, WA 133046 (45 BATTALION)    
REVIERE, John William / 1727 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Galang, NSW 133074 (45 BATTALION) - (service record p21)    
RIORDAN, Thomas De Burgh / 433 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Brisbane, QLD 193051 (201 BATTALION)    
ROBERTS, Frederick / 2705 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Culburra, SA 133072 (45 BATTALION) - (service record p36) AWM Photo (group)   
ROBINSON, Wilfred John / 61464 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Ivanhoe, VIC 133038 (45 BATTALION) Australian Light Horse Research (Photo and biography) AWM Collection wallet and bible National Archives Australia-NREF record 
ROBINSON, William John / 1006 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Blackboy Hill, WA 133001 (45 BATTALION) Article (Sep 1919) AWM Red Cross File  
ROCHE, John Francis / 30948 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Miller's Point, NSW 133063 (45 BATTALION) AWM Military Medal National Archives Australia-NREF record  
RUSSELL, John James / 5450 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Goulburn, NSW 132258 (201 BATTALION)    
RUSSELL, Sydney / 6054 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Townsville, QLD 133068 (45 BATTALION) - (service record p 32) Copy of document   
SMIRNOFF, Paul / 59174 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Cessnock, NSW 20896 (Middlesex Regiment) - (service record p25) Photo and biography National Archives Australia - NREF record  
SMITH, Peter / 4026 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Melbourne, VIC   AWM Military Medal  
SPIES, Harold John Hilton / 1770 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Lewisham, NSW 133054 (45 BATTALION) Article (June 1919) AWM Military Medal  
STEPHENSON, Alfred Albert / 66321 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Homebush, NSW 133041 (45 BATTALION) - (service record p20) State Library NSW Photo Article (Oct 1919)  
SULLIVAN, Arthur Percy / 56133 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Crystal Brook, SA 133003 (45 BATTALION) Australian Dictionary of Biography  AWM Victoria Cross AWM Profile 
SUTTON, James Norman / 5403 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Macksville, NSW 133032 (45 BATTALION) We Who Proudly Served (Peter Francis Kenny) AWM Military Medal Photo (Australia's Fighting Sons of Empire) 
TARRANT, Richard Thomas / CAPT Site-compiled National Archives Australia Wyong, NSW Elope Force Article (June 1916) Article (Jan 1978) Article (June 1920) 
THOMPSON, James / 3265 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Orbost, VIC 133081 (45 BATTALION)    
TILEY, Ernest Leslie / 55701 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Northcote, VIC 133009 (45 BATTALION) National Archives Australia-RAN 1920   
VON DUVE, Arthur Frederick / 3948 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Glencoe, SA Elope Force AWM Photo (group) AWM Military Medal Article and photo (Aug 1917) 
WATSON, George / 408 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Wagga Wagga, NSW     
WATTS, Bernard Joseph / 5792 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Fremantle, WA 133010 (45 BATTALION)    
WHATSON, Frederick Manning / 58180 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Brisbane, QLD (real name HEATHCOTE, Ernest John Clinton) 193042 (201 BATTALION) We Who Proudly Served (Peter Francis Kenny) AWM Collection (letters) Article (Bellingen Shire Courier-Sun, Sep 2015) 
WILLIAMS, Benjamin Parry / 59835 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Arncliffe, NSW 133069 (45 BATTALION) Article (Oct 1919)-recommended Military Medal   
WILSON, William Alfred Harmon / 54538 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Newtown, NSW 193025 (201 BATTALION) State Library NSW Photo Article (July 1919)  
WOODS, Cecil / 59415 Site-compiled National Archives Australia West Maitland, NSW 133051 (45 BATTALION) Article (June 1919)   
WOODYARD, Ernest Victor / 3812 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Footscray, VIC 133065 (45 BATTALION) - (service record p30) Article (July 1917)   
WRIGHT, Roderick John / 736 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Herbert River, QLD 133048 (45 BATTALION) National Archive Australia-NREF record   
WYATT, Claude Howard / 2244 Site-compiled National Archives Australia West Adelaide, SA Elope Force  AWM Military Medal  
YEAMAN, Wilfred Charles / 1106 Site-compiled National Archives Australia Montrose, VIC 192143 (201 BATTALION)  AWM Collection (NREF diary)  
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