Welcome to the Australian Galaxie Registry, your source of information and historical data on Full Sized vehicles built by Ford and its divisions between 1959 and 1974 that have at some time resided in Australia.

Owners of Australian-based vehicles are invited to register their vehicle(s) to provide a record of the vehicle's history for future reference. The more complete the data that is entered into the registry, the more accurate the statistics that can be presented on variations and options originally fitted to these vehicles.

This registry endeavours to provide proof of a vehicles history, which is becoming more important as the scarcity of some models has begun to impact values.

The Australian Galaxie Registry has evolved from a small listing of cars I started collecting in the 1990's, to now include vehicles that are regularly submitted for reference. There is no cost involved in registering your car, it is purely a private resource of information of these cars which have been or are located in Australia. Information supplied to the registry is displayed with our without personal details, as preferred.

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Darren Will

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