Hello! Welcome!  Glad you came to visit us! or that you might come to visit us!

We attempt to play friendly, competitive, organized Scrabble® games and have fun! 

Next meeting: Normally every Monday - Once in a while, Jason's Deli on Anderson instead; we'll try to update this here, and Director Jim has a group text set up for the purpose of notifying the club.

Austin tournaments!! ATX Doubleheader - Saturday, December 9 at Bob Bolender's Austin Bible Church and Sunday, December 10th at Pat's Games, hosted by Jim Hughes !  !!

Recent San Antonio tournament results on cross-tables.com. 

New words!! The new NASPA word list has beeen finalized! Now we can start using them, or at least  try to figure out how to adjudicate challenges.  Threes: ACK, ARO, ATS, BAE, DOX, FAM, FAV, GOY, HOS, LOC, and PWN.  Fours: ARIE, AROS, BAES, BRUH, CATH, COPI, CRIA, CRIP, CUCK, DOXX, FAMS, FAVS, FOLX, GANK, GOYS, GUAC, HAOS, HOSS, JEDI, KORI, LARP, LEWK, LOCS, MANI, MARG, MILF, MPOX, NARE, NOOB, OPPO, PEDI, PHEO, PUBE, PWNS, RABI, ROID, SPAZ, STAN, STIM, TWAT, VAXX, WELP, YAJE, YEET, ZENS, and ZUKE, (but still not WOOT).

Tournaments! See cross-tables.com for upcoming tournaments and past tournament results, ratings, rankings, and records

New notes! - Notes, phenomena, and comments 

Club Director:  Jim Hughes

More news! 

Meetings: When: Mondays again (was Wednesdays in the past (was Mondays before that)).

Play starts about 7:00 PM so it is good to arrive 3-15 minutes early to set up and chat.  If planning to leave before round three, please inform the director beforehand. It goes until about 10PM.

What: We play 3 rounds and if we have an odd number of players then either someone will wait til the next round or sometimes a player will play against two players at once.

Word list: We generally use NWL2020, the North American tournament and club list recognized by NASPA. Some "Cheat-sheets" are available with lists of valid 2- and 3-letter words and some words with JQXZ and a few useful 7 or 8 letter words.  Also there's a list of expurgated words (slurs) removed from the 2016 list. We have not added the new words from Official Scrabble Players Dictionary Eighth Edition, though probably we should have.

Where: We will be playing at Pat's Games on Labor Day, Sept 4. The location is Pat's Games, 2308 Hancock Dr, Austin, TX 78756 or Jason's Deli, 2438 W. Anderson Lane St. D5, Austin, TX 78757 . Check at this site or at our private Facebook group for the next scheduled meeting, or give your phone/email to Jim Hughes to be notified in the future.

Pat's Games parking is limited, but there are spots ...

Who: Our parent organization is NASPA Games at Scrabbleplayers.org.  At the cross-tables site you'll also find tournaments run by CoCo (the Collins dictionary, like Wespa) and WGPO (some directors got mad and started their own trademark-free organization.)  All of these are now free of the "Scrabble(tm)" trademark owned by Hasbro.