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   Welcome! Here you will find some information about what I do and my background.
   Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the School of Economics at University of East Anglia ( I obtained my Ph.D. from the University of Essex. 
   Director of the Centre for Behavioural and Experimental Social Science (CBESS) at UEA ( 
   General research interests: Behavioural economics, experimental economics, and strategic analysis (game theory).

   Current projects: Salience and context effects in bargaining situations. Bargaining under time pressure. Behavioural aspects of coalition formation. Behavioural aspects of renegotiation. The empirical nature and relevance of strategic commitment in bargaining and in related strategic situations. I am also interested in identifying and implementing behavioural interventions in organizations. 
    Working Papers:

"The Attraction and Compromise Effects in Bargaining: Experimental Evidence", with Fabio Galeotti and Maria Montero. Download here.

"Focal Points and Incomplete Payoff Information: An Experiment", with Andrea Isoni, Bob Sugden, and Kei Tsutsui. Revise and resubmit

"Coordination, Focality, and Action Set Size", with Odile Poulsen and Kei Tsutsui. Download paper here.

    In progress:

When do Two Bargainers Decide to `Flip a Coin'? (with Fabio Galeotti and Maria Montero). Experiments done. Writing in progress.

Bargaining when there is complementarity in production: An Experiment (With Emin Karagozoglu and Maria Montero): Experiments done. Data analysis in progress.

Focality and Coordination under Time Pressure (with Axel Sonntag). Experiments done. Paper being written up. 

Sender-Receiver Games with Endogenous Information Acquisition: Experimental Evidence (with Graciela Zevallos). Experiments done. Paper being written up.

Negotiation Aversion and Imagined Negotiation (with Charlie Seger and Marieke Vermue). Experimentation in progress. 

Bargaining When Time is Money (with Mike Brock and Kevin Grubiak). Design under development.



"Efficiency versus Equality in Bargaining", joint with Fabio Galeotti and Maria Montero, forthcoming in JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION.

   "Real Time Bargaining, Payoff Focality, and Coordination Complexity: Experimental Evidence", joint with Wolfgang Luhan and Michael Roos, GAMES AND ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR, 2017, 102, 687-699.

   "The Focality of Dominated Compromises in Tacit Coordination Situations: Experimental evidence", joint with Zoe Bett and Odile Poulsen, JOURNAL OF BEHAVIORAL AND EXPERIMENTAL ECONOMICS, 2016.

   "Efficiency, Equality, and Labelling: An Experimental Investigation of Focal Points in Explicit Bargaining", joint with Andrea Isoni, Robert Sugden, and Kei Tsutsui, AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW, 2014, 104 (10), 3256-87. 

   "Focal Points in Tacit Bargaining Situations: Experimental Evidence", joint with Andrea Isoni, Robert Sugden, and Kei Tsutsui.  EUROPEAN ECONOMIC REVIEW, 2013, 59, 167-188.

   "Gender Matching and Competitiveness: Experimental Evidence", joint with Marie Claire Villeval and Nabanita Datta Gupta. ECONOMIC INQUIRY, 2013, 51 (1), 816-835.  
   "Do People Make Strategic Commitments?  Experimental Evidence on Strategic Information Avoidance", joint with Michael Roos.  EXPERIMENTAL ECONOMICS, 2010, 13 (2), 206-225.

   "Prisoner's Dilemma Payoffs and the Evolution of Co-operative Preferences", joint with Odile Poulsen. JOURNAL OF SOCIO-ECONOMICS, 2010, 39 (3), 158-162.

   "Feedback and Incentives: Experimental Evidence", joint with Tor Eriksson and Marie Claire Villeval. LABOUR ECONOMICS, 2009, 16 (6), 679-688.

   "A note on commitment when there are errors in communication", joint with Odile Poulsen. ECONOMICS BULLETIN, 2008, 3 (74), 1-8. Paper

   "Fairness and Reciprocity in the Hawk-Dove Game", joint with Tibor Neugebauer and Arthur Schram. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR AND ORGANIZATION, 2008, 66 (2), 243-250.

  "Information Acquisition in the Ultimatum Game – Experimental Evidence", joint with Jonathan Tan. EXPERIMENTAL ECONOMICS, 2007, 10 (4), p. 391-409.

   "Information and Endogenous First Mover Advantages in the Ultimatum Game". JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR AND ORGANIZATION, 2007, 64, p. 129-143.

   "Endogenous Preferences and Social Dilemma Institutions", Joint with Odile Poulsen. JOURNAL OF INSTITUTIONAL AND THEORETICAL ECONOMICS, 2006, 162 (4), p. 627-660. 

   "Social Capital and Endogenous Preferences", joint with Gert Tinggaard Svendsen. PUBLIC CHOICE, 2005, 123 (2), p. 171-196.

   "On Efficiency, Tie-Breaking Rules and Role Allocation Procedures in Evolutionary Bargaining", MATHEMATICAL SOCIAL SCIENCES, 2004, 47 (2), p. 233-243.

   "On the Evolutionary Stability of 'Tough' Bargaining Behavior", INTERNATIONAL GAME THEORY REVIEW, 2003, 5 (1), p. 63-73.

   Contributions to Edited Volumes:

   "Cooperation: Experimental Evidence". Chapter 3 in Svendsen and Svendsen (eds): Handbook of Social Capital, Edward Elgar, 2009. 

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The research project, "Economic Coordination Under Time Pressure: Experimental Evidence" (joint with Axel Sonntag, University of Wienna), was in December 2015 awarded a grant worth €7500 from the private Austrian foundation, Heinrich Graf Hardegg’sche Stiftung (

   Until 2016 I held a British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Small Research Grant (£8800). The Co-Investigator is Maria Montero (Nottingham). The project is titled "Cooperative Bargaining Situations", and aims to understand bargaining behavior in situations where the negotiators have plenty of opportunities to communicate and can sign a binding agreement. 

   I was until 2017 Co-Investigator in the Network for Integrated Behavioural Science (NIBS), an ESRC funded initiative with over £4 million in funding for foundational and cross-disciplinary research on human behaviour and behaviour change.

   In 2013 I was awarded a small grant of £1200 by NIBS to run pilot experiments for a larger bargaining project.

   In 2011 the Leverhulme Trust awarded me a Research Project Grant (£68,000). The project name was "Understanding Unstructured Bargaining Situations", and it ran until June 2013.  
   During 2008-2010 I was Principal Investigator on an ESRC sponsored research project, "Understanding Focal Points in Bargaining Situations", (grant RES-000-22-3322, £62,000). My colleague Robert Sugden was Co-Investigator. Two papers have been completed, one published in European Economic Review, and the other in American Economic Review. A third paper is currently under preparation (all co-authored with Andrea Isoni and Kei Tsutsui). 
   In 2010 the British Academy awarded me a Small Research Grant, titled "Focality and Complexity in Bargaining Situations".  The project ran until March 2012.


   Ph.D. Supervision:

   Kevin Grubiak: Moral wiggle room.

   Graciela Zevallos-Porles: social preferences; lying aversion; communication in Sender-Receiver games.
   I have in the past supervised several PhD students:

   Alexandros Karakostas (University of Erlangen, Nuremberg): Personnel economics.

   Zoe Bett (formerly a lecturer at UEA): Gender and focal points; equilibrium selection and communication in coordination situations.

   Andreas Dickert (Jones Lang LaSalle): Focality and culture in bargaining situations.


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   Click here. 

   Member of the Econometric Society.

    I have reviewed papers for Experimental Economics, American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of the European Economic Association, Public Choice, Economic Inquiry, European Economic Review, Journal of Economic Psychology, Theory and Decision, Journal of Socio-Economics, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, The Economic Journal, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Southern Economic Journal, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, and Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis.
   Member of the ESRC Peer Review College 2010-2016.

   I have reviewed research proposals for the British Academy, US and Israeli National Science Foundations, and for the Danish Social Science Research Council.

   Past External Examiner, Warwick Business School.
   I have evaluated book proposals for Palgrave and McGraw-Hill.


   Administrative Roles:

   Director of the Centre for Behavioural and Experimental Social Science.

   Deputy member of the Internal ESRC Review Panel

   Past roles:   

   Staff Recruitment Officer. Member of the Doctoral Training Working Group.

   Member of the UEA North American Dialogue GroupDirector for Postgraduate Research Students. 

   Organizer of the School's Internal Workshops. Organizer of CBESS seminars. Undergraduate admissions officer. Member of undergraduate examinations board.

   Member of Faculty Appeals and Complaints Panel.

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   Contact Details: 

   School of Economics
   University of East Anglia
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   United Kingdom

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   Fax: +44 (0)1603 456259

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