Member Resources

ByLaws (adopted 28 January 2012)

Register as a General Member

As a General Member, you can propose group activities and impact group decisions.  To become a General Member you only need to give us a real name, a home address and an email address. Other information is optional. We will never share this information with anyone except for those AAP members who must see it for logistical reasons. 

Join the Group Email List
Not ready to give us your personal information?  Just interested in checking us out?  No problem!  As a member of the email list, you can still be involved in most AAP activities, and your comments on AAP activities and policies will be considered just like those of a General Member.  The only difference is that you cannot vote in group consensus and you can not officially suggest new activities (but, if your idea is good, you can probably get a General Member to suggest it for you).