Research Program/Bio

I am a physician and health economist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies. I am also affiliated with the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Institute (SALDRU) at University of Cape Town and the Research Centre on Micro-Social Change (MISOC) at the University of Essex. 

My research primarily focuses on the life-course origins of health and socioeconomic inequality. I am currently working on:

-The effects of early life interventions on adult health and well-being, and the mechanisms underlying these links.
-The relationship between economic opportunities and health behaviors and outcomes [Webinar outlining work in this area].
-The short- and long-run returns of public health and social sector programs.
-Behavioral responses to, and demand for, HIV prevention and treatment programs.

I am currently working on projects in the United States, Mexico, South Africa, Uganda. E-mail me (avenkataramani [at] partners [dot] org) if you are interested in collaborating!