My Work

I am a physician and health economist currently doing a residency in internal medicine/global primary care at Massachusetts General Hospital. My research explores the relationship between economic vulnerability and health in developing countries. I am interested in the role of early life health in driving adult well-being and social inequality and am currently engaged in several projects examining the biological and behavioral factors underlying these links. My other main research area examines behavioral responses to HIV prevention interventions, particularly with respect to medical male circumcision. 

My present work focuses primarily on projects in Mexico, South Africa, Uganda, and the United States (historical). I am also currently part of Team 1000+, a multi-university consortium (funded by Grand Challenges Canada) examining the relationship between poverty-related risk factors early in life on cognitive development and human capital accumulation in adulthood. Shoot me an e-mail (avenkataramani [at] partners [dot] org) if you are interested in working on something!