American Education Week’ a Reminder of How Quality Public Schools Build Strong Communities

Contacts: Claudia Briggs at 916-296-4087 or Mike Myslinski, 650-552-5324

BURLINGAME: The following statement was released by California Teachers Association President Dean E. Vogel today in honor of the 93rd annual American Education Week national celebration of public education and California’s Community Engagement Day:

“This year’s national celebration of American Education Week is a reminder that quality public schools are essential to building strong local communities and by working together, we can ensure the success of our neighborhood public schools and of the dedicated educators working in them every day. California’s educators are inspired by the recent general election results which amounted to a strong vote to continue the momentum shown by millions of students in our classrooms. School bonds and parcel taxes across the state were approved to invest in, and modernize classrooms. The re-election of Tom Torlakson as the state’s Superintendent of Public Instruction was a repudiation of the billionaires backing his opponent who believes that our schools are profit centers, and not what they really are – community centers of student learning and parent collaboration that help build a better future for us all.

“This special week honors students and the team of professionals who make every school prosper. From the teachers, counselors, coaches and librarians to the education support professionals who drive the buses, manage the offices and clean the classrooms, the commitment of all school employees is what helps our students to succeed in a safe environment where they can thrive. It is extremely important that we continue to come together as communities and we have an opportunity this week by bringing parents and community members into our classrooms to see public education in action, and to even experience teaching. Together is how we make schools work wonders. With ongoing collaboration and commitment, we will continue to improve our schools in these times of exciting reforms, rejuvenation and reward.”