Atascadero District Teachers Association

ADTA Election Results

2019-2021 Elected Officers

President: Christine Williams

Vice President: Andrew Weatherly

Secretary: Kat Morse

Treasurer: Marisa Looney

2018-2019 Tentative Agreement Reached

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ADTA Officers

President - Christine Williams

Vice Pres. - Andrew Weatherly

Treasurer - Marisa Looney

Secretary - Kat Morse

Appointed Officers

Negotiations - Dave Donati

Membership - Lori Foley

Student Intervention Services - Jennifer Lagos

2018-2019 Negotiating Team

working on the 2019-2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Chair - Dave Donati

Angie McQuitty

Stacey Cyester

Scott Killen

Kat Morse

2019-2020 Initial Bargaining Proposals