Astroplasmas Seminar

Fridays at 12:30pm, Dome Room, Peyton Hall

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Friday, November 11th 2022, 12.30pm

Magnetic Activity of Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Ashley Bransgrove (Columbia University)

Abstract: Pulsars are rotating magnetic neutron stars which produce powerful beams of coherent radio emission. They are also prolific sources of broadband high-energy emission. In this talk I will describe recent advances in modelling pulsar radio emission using first-principles kinetic plasma simulations. I will discuss the radio emission anomaly of the Vela pulsar at the time of its rotational glitch, and how it could be used to probe the physics of neutron star interiors. I will also discuss the behavior of magnetic fields on black hole event horizons as it relates to the no-hair theorem of general relativity.