Astroplasmas Seminar

Fridays at 12:30pm, Dome Room, Peyton Hall

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Friday, September 30th 2022, 12.30pm

Shock acceleration in the inhomogeneous interstellar medium

Siyao Xu (Institute of Advanced Studies)

Abstract: With the development of multi-messenger astronomy and the detection of astrophysical neutrinos, we are in a golden age of new cosmic ray (CR) measurements and studies. Supernova remnants are believed as the leading candidate for the source of Galactic CRs. Recent observations, however, challenge the well-developed theory of diffusive shock acceleration of CRs in supernova remnants. I will reexamine the assumptions in the standard shock acceleration model and discuss the key missing physics for shocks propagating in the turbulent and inhomogeneous interstellar medium. A more realistic shock acceleration model holds the promise to understand the observational puzzles and the origin of Galactic CRs.

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30 Sept: Siyao Xu (Institute of Advanced Studies)

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