Astroplasmas Seminar

Fridays at 12:30pm, Dome Room, Peyton Hall

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Scheduled seminars (Jan--Jun 2021)

22 Jan: "Violation of the zeroth law of turbulence in space plasmas" (Dr. Romain Meyrand, University of Otago)

29 Jan:

5 Feb:

12 Feb:

19 Feb: "Primordial vs astrophysical models for the emergence of cosmic magnetism: an observational and theoretical challenge" (Prof. Franco Vazza, University of Bologna)

26 Feb: [SPECIAL TIME: 12:00pm] "Non ideal effects in protoplanetary disks: transition from turbulent to Dead Zone in local and global stratified simulations" (Dr. Fulvia Pucci, JPL)

5 Mar:

12 Mar:

19 Mar: [SPECIAL TIME: 11:30am] "MHD turbulence: simulation, observation, impact on particle transport" (Prof. Huirong Yan, DESY & Potsdam University)

26 Mar: "Extreme particle acceleration in pulsars: from the magnetosphere to the nebula" (Dr. Benoit Cerutti, CNRS Grenoble)

2 Apr:

9 Apr:

16 Apr: "Phenomenology and theory of galactic cosmic-ray propagation" (Prof. Carmelo Evoli, GSSI L'Aquila)

23 Apr: "The dynamics of pair and electron-ion relativistic collisionless shock waves" (Dr. Arno Vanthieghem, Stanford)

30 Apr: [SPECIAL TIME: 12:00pm] "A systematic exploration of magnetized winds solutions in protoplanetary discs" (Dr. Geoffroy Lesur, CNRS Grenoble)

7 May:

14 May: "Alfvénic fluctuations and switchbacks in the solar wind" (Prof. Anna Tenerani, UT Austin)

21 May:

28 May:

4 Jun: [SPECIAL TIME: 11:30am] "Shock physics in the merging galaxy cluster A2146" (Prof. Helen Russell, University of Nottingham)

11 Jun:

18 Jun:

25 Jun: