Astroplasmas Seminar

Fridays at 12:30pm, Dome Room, Peyton Hall

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[SPECIAL TIME] Friday, Jun 4th, 11:30am

Shock physics in the merging galaxy cluster A2146

Prof. Helen Russell (University of Nottingham)

Abstract: The galaxy cluster A2146 is undergoing a major merger and hosts two huge, bright Mach 2 shock fronts, which provide a unique opportunity to measure the electron-ion equilibration timescale along with other key transport phenomena. Collisionless shocks occur over a wide range of scales from accretion shocks to supernova remnants and heliospheric shocks. However, only clusters, particularly A2146 allow us to map the large-scale equilibration with a single observation, which is unaffected by cross-calibration uncertainties. I will present preliminary results from a new 2.4Ms Chandra observation that provides a measure of this timescale, reveals the detailed shock structure and traces the disruption of both cool cores, including heating and mixing of cool gas blobs in ram pressure stripped tails.

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4 Jun: [SPECIAL TIME: 11:30am] "Shock physics in the merging galaxy cluster A2146" (Prof. Helen Russell, University of Nottingham)

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