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Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly announce the publication of Astounding Worlds (volume 1, ASIN: B009PNPT9U & volume 2, ASIN: B009PNXDVQ) in ebook format at Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime to own this collection of fantastic tales that will enthrall, excite and entertain the most jaded reader of planetary romance, lost race and other stories of soaring imagination, which have now been published in convenient electronic format for your delectation.

Dear Adventure Seeker,

Are you tired of reading boring stories and insipid tales not worth telling? If so then perhaps Astounding Worlds can offer you an exciting saga to satisfy your jaded tastes.

Here you'll find exotic worlds, dashing heroes, villains vile and damsels in distress (and states of undress, too). Everything is free to read but copyrighted (you may, of course, print out a story or copy it to your PC for personal use), so why not join our brave swashbucklers as they roar across the cosmos in screaming rockets belching ebon smoke and crimson flame? Then again you could plunge into strange dimensions where reality is wildly different from the mundane world you are familiar with. Or perhaps on Earth itself you'll encounter an ancient race long forgot and face dark gods that chill the heart with dread.

Verily, you'll hear the violent clash of glittering swords on far flung planets of distant centuries and other universes, and tremble at the awful screams of hideous monsters more frightening than the devil. Purple prose prevails and perils abound in a cornucopia of Pulp Era inspired tales. Death lurks at every frightening turn in all its horrid forms. But my friend the rewards are great, or so we hope you'll find them. So, are you brave enough to join our daring bravos? If so, then choose to read a story from the sidebar if you dare!

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