Below are the courses I plan to offer during the current academic year, as well as a list of other Yale-NUS courses I have taught in the past. The Psychology major website provides more information on the major courses and how they fit into the overall programme; the Yale-NUS Common Curriculum page provides the same for its courses.

I have also listed reading-based independent study modules for inspiration.

My teaching for the current academic year (2022-2023)

Semester 1

  • On leave (for teaching)

Semester 2 (tentative)

  • YSS3215 - Cognitive Psychology

  • YSS3249 - Human Neuroscience

My courses

Psychology major

  • YSS3267 - Lab in Cognitive Psychology

  • YSS3215 - Cognitive Psychology

  • YSS3249 - Human Neuroscience

  • YSS2201 - Understanding Behaviour & Cognition

Common Curriculum

  • YCC1122 - Quantitative Reasoning

  • YCC1131 - Scientific Inquiry

  • YCC1121 - Comparative Social Institutions

  • YCC1133 - Stories of Ourselves (a Week 7 mini-course)

Student-proposed courses

For larger independent research projects, see the Capstones page.

2 MC independent study courses

  • Wah Tzy Hyi & Ahlem Dorgham. (2022). The efficacy of trauma-informed care for treating substance use disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

  • Jane Lee & Ng Kye Been. (2021). Predicting multitasking ability through behavioral paradigms.

  • Bianca Chua. (2020). Advanced human neuroscience.

  • Anjali Kannangath & Goh Rui Zhe. (2018). The function of the fusiform face area.

  • Anandita Sabherwal. (2017). The effects of positive mental simulation on prejudice.

  • Saw Young Ern & Edina Tan Yi-Qin. (2017). The attentional aspects of autism spectrum disorder.