Asma Benhenda


Senior Research Fellow at University College London, Centre for Education Policy and Equalising Opportunities 

Lecturer (Teaching) at University College London, Social Research Institute

I completed my Ph.D. at the Paris School of Economics in 2020 under the supervision of  Julien Grenet and Thomas Piketty.  During my PhD, I was a visiting scholar at Columbia University and UC Berkeley. 

Research fields: Education and Labour Economics. 

Twitter:  @AsmaBenhenda

More about my research agenda: here 

Latest news

BOOK: Tous des bons profs, un choix de société, Fayard, September 2020.  

Principal Investigator, The Medium Term Impact of the Pandemic on Pupils' with SEND Education, funded by the Nuffield Foundation. 

Main Lead, Workshop on the medium-run impact of Covid on education in Paris and London, funded by UCL Global Engagement Fund, forthcoming.