Christmas & Winter at Ash Mountain Cabin

Winter is very quiet and stunningly beautiful...a time for contemplation - even hibernation - in the mountains. Come and join us for the holidays or at other times of winter for solitude or escape.

The holly bush just off the deck that goes wild with berries...

Understated, somewhat rustic, and in the spirit of the Great Smoky Mountains and Southern Appalachians. A Christmas tree in the living room and then tiny trees and evergreen scent in each room don't overpower, but remind you of the spirit of Christmas. Christmas decorations without too much glitz, but with the colors of and scenes from nature and the Smokies are JUST RIGHT in Ash Mountain Cabin.

Views from cabin deck in winter...above.

 The nature (mostly birds) tree in the living room is the only lighted tree, below and top, under text.



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View from master
dead of winter

Winter eve moon rise