Marcos Tadeu, the seer, was born on February 12, 1977 in Jacarei, and was only 13 years old when the apparitions started. He is a humble, poor and simple boy. Before these Apparitions, he had known to pray only Our Father and Hail Mary. He was praying these prayers when Our Lady appeared for the first time inside a Church of Immaculate Conception in Jacarei's city. The first message was:

"-My child, my child! It is necessary to sanctify. Sanctity is a difficult way, but... it's end is real and glorious."

His mission given by Our Lady was to introduce the world to all Her Apparitions that have been forgotten and to also pursue and publish Her that were forgotten and pursued besides to publish Her Grace and Mercy given in Jacarei Apparitions: The Holy Peace Medal, The Gray Scapular, Peace's hour, Saint Joseph's hour, The Holy Spirit hour, 'Setena'´, ´Trezena', all of prayers taught in Jacarei Apparitions and mainly The meditated Rosary which have been recorded by Marcos Tadeu and contains before each mystery a message by Our Lady given around the world. Our Lady says that nobody had ever prayed a Rosary like this before and says that this Rosary is what pleaser her Immaculate Heart.

He has had daily apparitions since March 06, 1993, and Our Lady confided to him 12 secrets and She will reveal more one to complete the 13 secrets to humanity, but Marcos Tadeu can't reveal them without Our Lady's permission.

Jacareí: Apparition which have been happening for more than 20 years

On February 7th, 2011 completed 20 years old of the greatest Apparitions of Our Lady in Brazil. More than 2.000 messages have been given since 1991. Our Lady, Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Saint Joseph, Lots of Saints and Angels have been appearing on these blessed Apparitions and they have been giving messages.

The Beautiful Lady In Jacarei Apparitions, The Blessed Mary, Mother of God, has been appearing as a beauty 20-year-old girl. Her voice looks like a sweet and harmoniously song. She has blue eyes and long dark hair. Normally, she wears a gray dress and on Her head she wears a white robe which falls down to her feet. On her head, she wears a crown with 12 stars.

Her feet are on a cloud that doesn't touch the ground.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has been appearing as a 30-year-old man. He has blue eyes and little beard. He wears a white tunic with a gold belt.

Saint Joseph has been appearing as a 30-year-old men. His eyes are green, has brown hair and little beard. He wears a beige or white tunic. His feet are on a cloud that doesn't touch the ground.

The Medal of the Peace

It was reveled in Jacarei Apparitions by Our Lady on November 08th, 1993 .

Message of Our Lady " This Medal, Grace of Love peculiar of My Heart, It is to be worn by everybody who wants peace... Everybody that wears it, will receive great grace by my heart ... They will bring peace where there is war ... Their family will be replete of Peace and Love... Satan will be aghast when sees this medal and he will flee in the presence of who bring this Medal with Love and Devotion."

Gray Scapular

It was reveled in Jacarei Apparitions by Our Lady on September 13th, 2003 . She promised to give peace, salvation, mercy to agony and great graces to everybody who uses this Scapular for their whole life.

Medal of the Loving Heart of Saint Joseph

It was reveled in Jacareí Apparitions by Saint Joseph on May, 7th 2011.

Message of Saint Joseph:

“… Child, for many centuries I have kept this great Grace, this revelation of My Medal to the world, to give It and to reveal It to you in this time. No one in the world has ever or will ever receive this Grace besides you.

This is due to the great Love that I have for you Marcos, the most ardent and dedicated of My sons, and also due the great Love that I have to this Place, which is so dear to My Heart and to the Lord. This Blessed and Elected Place by our Sacred United Hearts, is where We poured the riches of Our Love and where we express the greatest mercy of Our United Heart inseparably in Love, in Pain and in Glory. So, order to mint Medal, as the model you saw, so that everyone lead on the neck, and receive Great Graces of My Heart…”


Hail Joseph, Elected of Grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst men and blessed is Yours Loving Heart, Our Co-redeemer and support of Jesus and Mary.

Saint Joseph, Father of Son of God, and our Father

Assist to us sinners, now and at our last hour. Amen