Album    Label     Year 
 Outright, Bold Faced Lies  Kicking Mule Records 1977 
 Songs of the Heartland Kicking Mule Records 1980 
 That’s the Ticket

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 Folk Legacy  1983 
 On the Wilderness Road

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 Folk Legacy 1986 
 On the River   1988 
 The Older I Get, The Better I Was

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 Waterbug Records  1998 
 Live at Winfield   2003 
 Chicago Town and Points West 

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 Folk Legacy 2006 
 Get Folked - Live At Charlotte's Web Mountain Railroad 1973 
 A Simply Folk Sampler Simply Folk, Wisconsin Public Radio  1983 
 Independent Artists Sampler   Waterbug Records 1999 
 Singing Through the Hard Times: A Tribute to Utah Philips  Righteous Babe Records 2009