Custom Art

Custom Art Process

Vincent and Carolyn create custom art that fulfills every expectation. Concept, size, color, media, budget, delivery and installation are the elemental issues considered during the process. Your meeting with Vincent and Carolyn is uncomplicated and friendly. With over 25 years of experience as professional artists, they understand creative projects. Custom art is priced from $100 per square foot and up.

What we need to know:

Concept is the description of the image, shapes, composition, and emotional content.

Size is how big by the square foot or metric. Size is often related to visual impact.

Color influences the appearance of the art work. It has a large bearing on emotional

content and affects the environment in which it is placed.

Media can be paint on canvas or paper, sculptural materials, ceramic, metal, fiber, found objects, or a mixture of media.

This is often central to expressing the concept of the artwork.

Budget boundaries should be designated by the client to facilitate a workable design.

Delivery and installation requires information about the destination for the art.

Structural and environmental information for the art work location is necessary.


The initial consultation for custom art costs a minimum of $150 per day per artist. This includes meeting with the artist(s) and three 6 inch x 8 inch idea color sketches for a location. Three idea color sketches for other locations are $100 each location. An on-site meeting would incur additional travel expenses. The consultation fee is deducted from the total art project at the end of the contract.

When the location sketch is approved, a contract is prepared and a non-refundable 10% deposit is made. This enables work to begin on a final larger color drawing for approval. Once the drawing is approved then a non-refundable 50% deposit is made to begin studio work. The final drawing may be waived and studio work begun immediately. There is an open studio policy. Progress of the work can be viewed at anytime.

After delivery and installation, the final 40% minus the initial consultation fee is payable.

Vincent and Carolyn Tolpo Shawnee, Colorado 2016