Arthropod Molecular Physiology Laboratory

Park Laboratory, Kansas State University, Entomology Department

Arthropod is the largest Phylum on earth in its number and diversity. Many species of arthropods have significant impacts on human life and health. We study molecular physiology of arthropod species to gain fundamental knowledge and to apply the knowledge to improve human life. [Link to K-State Park page]

3. Mechanisms of systemic RNA interference

Yoonseong Park, Pulina Maldonado Ruiz, Soheila Fatehi, Rupinder Signh, Mukta Pahwa

NEWS Congratulations for AWARDS!!

Paulina has multiple awards

Entomology Research mini-grant in 2020

1st place in 10 min oral presenation NCB/ESA

Roger C. Smith Scholarship, Department of Entomology, KSU

Rupinder Singh awarded

John Reese scholarship for M.S. student, Entomology, KSU

Yoonseong Park was selected for

Faculty of the year 2019 by the Popenoe club

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