Welcome to Ardies Club.

A meeting place for horse minded people in the North East of Scotland. We are a non profit making club that encourages equestrian training.  
The ethos of Ardies Club is to better the understanding between horse and rider. By providing excellent facilities and trainers in an environment that cultivates a team feeling where everyone can help to better one another. 
Ardies Club has around 50 members and boasts fantastic facilities, some of the best in Scotland, with its heated indoor school that spans an amazing 30m x 72m. Based on a farm of around 800 acres there is lots of off road hacking and ample grazing for our horses. 
Ardies Club is easy to join and there is a link below to the membership form and the booking calendar can be viewed. 
Initially Ardies Club organised all activities but now the facility is open to others provided the hire is in keeping with the ethos and not a profit making exercise for any individual.
As with all clubs there is a committee with regular meetings.
We are super excited at being the first with a heated indoor arena. This is proving just the best during the winter months. This year we installed a gallery with glass viewing area. This on top of our amazing kitchen and toilet facilities making Ardies Club an awesome place to hang out.  
We now have planning permission and can start work on our cross country training all weather menage, hopefully this will be completed Spring 2019. This will allow riders in the area to keep up with cross country training all year round. 
Ardies Club is based at Ardmedden which as well as being a working farm has lots of other things going on! We are so lucky to be surrounded by great likeminded people all driven towards being as good as we can at our chosen activity/discipline. 





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