Well excavated square on the SIL 182 site showing
pieces of pottery jar remaining in its original depression
that held it upright.
To provide additional illustrations for the article by the creator of this web site, Paul C. Thistle, "Archaeology Excavation Simulation: Correcting the Emphasis" in the summer 2012 Journal of Museum Education 37 (2): 65-76, this web site examines archaeological excavation techniques on a specific prehistoric boreal forest site used as the basis for the design of a museum archaeological excavation simulation school programme that is significantly more realistic than the usual 'sandbox approach.' It places the emphasis directly on the skills archaeologists apply in the field and in the laboratory rather than on unrealistic trowelling in loose sand.
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"Archaeological Excavation Simulation: Shift the Emphasis Back to Reality" presented by simulation creator Paul C. Thistle to the Ignite! session at the Ontario Museum Association Annual Conference in Waterloo, ON, Canada, 3 November 2011  10 Nov 2015, 08:07 Paul C. Thistle