I am lecturer in Economics at the Queen's University of Belfast and memeber of the Queen's University Centre for Economic History (QUCEH). 

My research interest lies in the area of Political Economy and Development Economics and I would be happy to supervise PhD students intersted in any of the following topics: 

  • Slavery and Disenfranchisement in the US
  • Institutions and Economics Growth
  • Determinants of Long-Term Development
  • Origins and Persistence of Organised Crime (mainly Mafia in Italy)
  • The Evolution of Conflict and Aid Strategies in Extensive Conflict
  • State Fragility in Africa

Are you prepared for a PhD in Economics? Click here for few hints.

About Political Economy. Here Giorgio Gaber's view about democracy in Italy. Funny but biting as always. (Sorry it is in Italian).

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Queen University of Belfast
School of Management
Riddel Hall, 185 Stranmillis Street
Office 02.026
Telephone: +44(0)2890974176
email: a.dimico@qub.ac.uk

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