Sonde de terre le penziere mije: /de terre ca do trònete ‘nzeddechèschene /a porva porve ........... I ssapene de terre le parole mije pure

Pietro Gatti (1976) “A terra meje"

I am a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Queen's University Belfast and fellow of the Queen's University Centre for Economic History (QUCEH), Centre for HeAlth Research at the Management School (CHaRMS), Institute of Labour Economics (IZA) and Global Labor Organization (GLO).

My main research interests focus on modern development economics, with broad applications to labor, political economy, education, gender and family and I am more than happy to supervise PhD students with an interest in these fields.

Topics on which I have been working include:

  • Long-Run Economic Growth

  • Ethnicity and Development in Africa

  • Slavery and Disenfranchisement in the US

  • Gender and Ethnic Norm

  • Institutions and Economics Growth

  • Organised Crime

  • Political Economy


Giorgio Gaber on Democracy

(In Italian with English subtitles)

"democracy is not an enemy of quality

it is quality to be an enemy of democracy"