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Note: Monthly shares from January 1967 to April 2020 in the U.S.. The share is labeled for some historically high levels: June 1975, June 1980, March and April 2020. The last month's share is attenuated to make the rest of the data visible. The horizontal line shows the average TL share of unemployment during the entire period. Source: Current Population Survey (CPS)

      Seven Facts about Temporary Layoffs with Andrea Weber, June 2020, 
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      Mandatory Advance Notice of Layoff: Evidence and Efficiency Considerations with J. Cederlof, P. Fredriksson, D. Seim, March 2020

      Risk-based Selection in Unemployment Insurance: Evidence and Implicationswith C. Landais, P. Nilsson, D. Seim, J. Spinnewijn, Jan 2020 Show abstract
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      How do Inheritances Shape Wealth Inequality? Theory and Evidence from Sweden, with David Seim, March 2019  Show abstract  
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      Does Extending Unemployment Benefits Improve Job Quality? with Andrea Weber, 
 American Economic Review, 107(2), 527-61, 2017.   
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      Recall Expectations and Duration Dependencewith Andrea Weber
 American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings,105(5),142-46, 2015.
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      Immigrants' Labor Supply and Exchange Rate Volatility
 American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 5(4): 144-64, 2013.
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Waiting for recall? Evidence from temporary layoffs in Austria, with Andrea Weber 

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