Introducing the PPS

After numerous years of experimenting with aquatic plants and their requirements, reading endless opinions on the do’s and don’ts, it was time for us to do our own experiments using a system based on the knowledge acquired over the years.

The system which we refer to as Perpetual Preservation System (PPS) took many years in the making and many years of experimentation to fine tune, to document and to understand why some aspects worked and why some didn’t. We have developed two PPS systems to match every aquarium needs and personal preference.

PPS-Pro system is very easy to use and is the least expensive system in comparison to any other fertilizer. It is designed especially for aquascapers who want a system that is performing well, doesn’t need testing and tweaking, works with all lights and substrates, no water changes and also with large water changes. Entirely 100% planted aquariums with reasonable fish load.

PPS-Classic is the most specific fertilization system. It runs aquariums without water changes for years and also with water changes at regular intervals. As a routine it does involve some weekly to monthly testing. It is designed to fertilize any size aquarium, with any light intensity and any substrate.