Simple List

This app helps in creating and sharing simple Shopping Lists and other Checklists.

You can define new lists as and when needed.

A list can be used in Input mode which allows you to add items with details about quantity, price, store, etc.

The list can also be used in Display mode which allows you to mark items as Pending or Completed or Not Available, to help you on the go while shopping.

You can sort the list using various sort options.

The app provides options to Copy an existing list into a new list or Copy/Move items from an existing list into a new list.

You have got an option to share the list as a message which will be received in the messages app by the recipient.

You have also got an option to share the list as a XML file attachment which the recipient can open in this app on their device. You can import a list by choosing an XML file created by the app on some other device.

A list can also be printed from the app if required.

The app learns and saves the items and stores as you type them. You can also add / edit / delete these manually through settings.

This app can work completely offline.

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