So far, we are Carol Peters, a poet who wanted to publish her first full-length book on screens and in earbuds instead of on paper.

Carol once was a techie, which meant she was able to convert her manuscript and voice into data files accessible via browsers, cell phones, and electronic books. In doing so, she thought about whether she needed a press and realized she didn't. On the other hand, a website for the online press would be a place to describe how to publish without paper, and others might want to know how, too. The press doesn't mean she's willing to publish anyone's book under the Apobiz Press moniker. In fact, she hasn't decided what else Apobiz Press will publish beyond her own work. Some things can't be known until they happen.

As soon as her book is off and running, she promises to explain how to do it: how to publish your own book (beautifully) online.