July 3, 2017

Cross-talk between topological defects in different fields
revealed by nematic microfluidics
is published in
"Microfluidics captures multi-field topological interactions in a nematic system"
by L. Giomi, Ž. Kos, M. Ravnik and A. Sengupta*

May 30, 2017

Hydrodynamic cavitation in Stokes flow of anisotropic fluids is published in
"Molecular ordering in complex fluids regulates cavitation threshold"
by T. Stieger, H. Agha, M. Schoen, M. G. Mazza* and A. Sengupta*

click below for the press release from
Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization:
The bubbling of order (EN)
Das Blubbern von Ordnung (DE)

March 15, 2017

My postdoctoral work on phytoplankton adaptation is published in

Behavioural plasticity in phytoplankton is underpinned by rapid polymorphism

Check out my article on the HFSP awardees' portal:
Tricks to tackle turbulence — the phytoplankton way


March 9, 2017

Biology in Space: A scientific and industrial perspective on biology in space

Invited seminar and panel discussion organized by the
Molecular and Translational Biomedicine Program, Zurich

October 22, 2016

2nd Swiss Parabolic Flight Campaign
  Investigating the role of gravity on phytoplankton migration
using hyper and microgravity conditions on board a parabolic flight
A light moment on board Zero G parabolic flight (video)

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