Work in Progress

Vintage Capital Investment and Energy Use Fluctuations

This paper explores how energy price fluctuations determine the evolution of energy intensity in the medium term. (Coauthored with Luis Puch).

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Recent work

Housing Prices and Credit Constraints in Competitive Search (NEW!!)

This paper explores how search and matching frictions interact with idiosyncratic risk to amplify aggregate affects of easing financial conditions. (Coauthored with Belén Jerez and Juan Pablo Rincón Zapatero).

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Economic Growth, Energy Intensity and the Energy Mix

This paper explores how changes in energy intensity and the switch to renewables can boost economic growth. (Coauthored with Gustavo Marrero, Luis A. Puch and Jesús Rodríguez)

Accepted in Energy Economics. Versions:

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  • Working paper, PDF

Investment, Technological Progress and Energy Efficiency

The choice of Energy Saving Technical Change depends on energy prices and the pace of Investment Specific Technical Change. According to our theory, Investment Specific Technical Innovations may bring simultaneously an acceleration in Energy Saving Technical Change and a rebound effect in aggregate energy demand. (Coauthored with Luis A. Puch)