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Here is the platform:

I believe in... 

issues not labels...

balanced budgets, and budgets that support local projects.

that we could increase the budget for space exploration and interplanetary travel and developing off-world resources while reducing the budget for the military which will maintain the private sector relationship.

the governments following commercial laws. For example, the IRS should not be able to charge interest on a daily compound basis; as well no one should be able to charge interest on interest. That is double dipping. Also the rate charged should simply be the short-term rate without adding additional interest.

all types of income should be taxed at the same rate. Income is income, however marginal tax rates should apply.

charging transaction fees for stock market transactions, and reducing high frequency trading volume.

the government should not be allowed to garnish 65% of your pay forcing people to go off the books. I believe the standard should be 25% with child support first, then taxes, then commercial debt; after the first 25% ; child support or tax arrears can be taken by an additional 10%. The practice of debtors prison should end immediately. If someone does not pay child support and we put them in jail, not only do they still do not pay child support, but now our taxes also pay to support them, what sense does that make?

marriage, and the government should not question the gender on civil contracts. Civil contract has nothing to do with religion.

immigration reform, enforcing visa stays, and stricter penalties for companies hiring illegal workers, I also believe in developing a path to citizenship, which means illegal immigrants currently in the USA must come forward and enroll in the program, they will be placed behind all current applicants, and it will be first come first serve basis. Some people will be deported and others will be allowed to stay, and all of them will be fined for breaking the law but they will be able to move forward with their lives and then their children will be recognized. You cannot enter the country illegally have a baby and then expect that baby to be a citizen freely, there must be a residency time requirement. Also anyone found coming to the country simply to have a baby and obtain citizenship should have that citizenship revoked.

funding schools, and providing better pre-school choices, and for increasing the hours of school, but at the same time increasing the amount of time children have for lunch and recess; I have been there and seen why food is thrown away as kids are rushed to get to the cafeteria, get the food, eat and get in line to leave within 25 minutes. The kids need more time to have lunch and to play at recess.

integrating the last year of high school with the first of college or trade school and making a 2 year tech or college degree free.

every single person should pay taxes even if just one dollar and I also believe no one should get back more then they pay in - that is called income redistribution and is wrong, and therefore all refundable tax credits should be eliminated.

helping the poor and homeless, but I also believe they should not be comfortable either, I do not want to see anyone starve or live under a bridge, I believe we can help people but people do need incentive to change their lives. We can develop social programs to help the worse off among us to get back on their feet.

we need national defense and the military industrial complex - but I think we do not need to be able to police the world; and if the army says they do not need a tank or plane - then we immediately stop funding those tanks or planes.

each person can practice whatever religion they want but that religion should be kept out of public places and offices. Teachers should not be teaching creationism as science, but along with all the other myths as part of history or social studies. We should eliminate the swearing in of any politician on a bible and we should remove "god" from the money and from other places.

the drug laws that criminalized addiction are wrong and marijuana (especially industrial hemp) should be more legalized. Addiction is a health problem and should be treated as such. We need to put drug addicts in treatment centers not jail, and we need to work harder on preventing the drugs from coming into the country.

universal health care, and taking out the ties between big pharmaceuticals and doctors. Especially when it comes to medicating children.
I believe in vaccines and that if you want to be a teacher or have your children in public schools, vaccines are required.

breaking up big banks, you do not get to collect profits and then make risky investments while forcing the risk onto tax payers. If your business is too big too fail, then it is too big to stay in business as it is.

mandatory public service for all kids including at least one summer in a national guard type service.

women should register for selective services.

every one should have to have a passport and should automatically be registered to vote when it is issued.

or that every citizen receives a new social security card with a photo at 18 yrs of age, is registered to vote, and for selective services, that card is used for voting and for check cashing etc.

the post office can easily integrate check cashing services, and fax services, etc. thus expanding their profits and helping poor people without gauging them on fees.

one bill - one law - no more adding all sorts of things to confuse the american public on how politicians vote and the removal of the fake names.

getting rid of "right to work laws" which decrease the effectiveness of unions.

removing money from politics - we can set general money from a public fund and then allow each candidate to collect an amount equal to 5% of the federal poverty level from any person or corporation in the USA.

promoting infrastructure and internet access - information and transportation are keys to economic growth - high speed rail and internet should be government priorities and the USA is falling behind the rest of the world. I believe in developing transportation infrastructure with other countries and making travel more affordable for everyone.

that once a felon is released from prison and parole and paid his dues he should have all rights restored - there may be cases were people need parole their whole lives though.

that if your stated goal is to prevent the government from working, then you should be charged with treason. No one gets to act like a spoiled child and shut things down simply because they do not have a majority great enough to pass the things they want.

shared parenting. Divorce should be "no fault" and a simple process that requires mediation - not lawyers. I believe that the presumption should always be shared custody and shared support. If everything is 50/50 then neither should pay. I believe the adversarial family and divorce court has created rich lawyers and poor and destroyed families. No person should fear they will not see their children again. False allegations and parental alienation should be considered child abuse and anyone who lies in family court should be charged with perjury.

gender equality and believe the equal rights amendment should be ratified by all states, and that any people doing the same job with the same circumstances should be paid the same.
I believe that we can help internationally but that we also must take care of our own house first. We can provide aid and military support and be involved, however we do not need to be the only ones involved or lead the cause every single time.

supporting our veterans, especially those who served during war time, and we should focus and make a priority the streamlining of medical care for vets.

the right to own guns (but no you do not need to walk around with a military grade weapon); common sense gun laws with proper enforcement, and good training, can help America get through the current gun crisis, responsible gun owners need to know they are not selling a gun to a criminal and so all gun sales need a background check, which means all gun sales should be done through a licensed dealer. I believe that manufacturers should take responsibility and voluntarily reduce the size of the magazines, and continue to make guns "safer" by developing fingerprint technology and better trigger locks, and other safety mechanisms. I also believe that there can be a small fee on gun sales that goes into a fund to buy-back guns and that we can every year promote a program for people to anonymously drop off any unwanted weapons and receive a small payment. If other gun dealers want to offer more and try to buy those weapons first, they must run the weapon and see if it was used in a crime and obtain the details of the person since it would be a private sale (and they must do so at their own cost). They should not profit on tax payer initiatives to make society safer.

tough prison sentences and conditions, including only access to public television and c-span; but I also believe no one should be raped in prison because rape is wrong; and all prisoners should have a hope - and so I do not agree with killing prisoners, or life sentence without the "possibility" (and no you do not ever HAVE to give it to them) but what harm is there in allowing someone to have hope? I believe in prisoners working and learning skills, and I believe that they should pay for their incarceration if they are working within the prison. I also believe that correction officers should be safe and we should focus on making sure they are as safe as possible.

getting people good mental health services, we do not need to place mentally unstable people in prison, and we do not need to let them out either, but we need to remove the stigma of drug addiction and mental health issues and get more people treated via universal health care.

that if a corporation sets up a post office box or a fake office in another country simply to avoid taxation or legal rules then they should have no legal status within the USA. The owner or CEO would be charged as if they were simply running a business under a "DBA" and they would have zero protection and full liability.

that if we can increase the amount paid out based on the amount paid in, that we can increase the cap on social security taxes.

we can also increase the taxes on corporations and the higher income brackets while reducing the tax burden on the lower tiers - while removing tax credits and benefits, thus simplifying the tax code. I also believe that as we progress as a society we will be able to increase the taxes on the middle and lower tiers to cover for the integration of universal health care and free education up to a four year degree.

that  minimum wage and Social Security benefits should be adjusted up or down based on poverty level, and for one person to work 40 hours a week, and should be reviewed every other year or every three years. It should be a standard review process.

that there was never an intention for people to be career politicians, and so we should have term limits on the senate and congress, being no more then three terms.

the supreme court justices should be limited to a ten or 16 yr. term.

developing our society in a way that balances our needs with those of our natural environment. We can install animal crossing bridges over large highways to reduce the impact we have on the environment and to reduce traffic accidents.

harsh penalties for domestic violence and also penalties for filing false reports.

promoting police and community interaction instead of opposition such as stop and frisk. Why not develop programs where the police help in urban poor areas and develop programs for people to "take back their neighborhoods" Completely anonymous tip lines for turning in criminals.

having "Friend of the courts" sit in on family court hearings to ensure fair trials.

eliminating "tipped wage earners" in the minimum wage discussion, and just create a blanket minimum wage.

developing zero energy buildings, and utilizing solar glass and solar roadways and solar parking lots. 

we can all compromise and put America first and once again lead the world into a better tomorrow.