Computer Self Help for Home

Remote Assistance

Team Viewer and are utilities I can use to help me view and fix your problems without having to come on site.

Simply download the client and when I instruct you to over the phone and we will setup a connection to fix your problems remotely.


I generally recommend antivirus software that has Frequent Updates, a Large Install Base, and Real Time Scanning

Norton and Kaspersky are fine if you have paid for them. A caveat is that coverage expires pending annual payments. Many people go uncovered without paying or knowing their subscription expired.

Bootable Rescue CDs

Windows Tuning/Fixing

Backups (Abillity to restore lost stuff)

Backups should be thought of as a way to restore what you have lost. The only way to know your backups are running and working properly is to regularly restore something from your backup verify it is intact. Perform a restore test at least once a month.

321 Backup is a good method to think about and use. Have 3 Backups, using 2 types of backup and keep 1 off site.

  • Computer to Computer, External Disk Backup, Online Backup Will send an email to you when there are problems backing up.
  • Online Backup

Data Recovery and Hard Drive Failures

I highly recommend setting up a good backup and recovery solution before a crisis occurs. If you care about your data, then verify that you can restore data from a backup at least once a month. The following services are expensive risky alternatives to backups. Mean time to failure on hard drives is usually 3-5 years. This means hard drives generally fail or stop working properly after 3-5 years and you lose your stuff.

Camera Card Recovery of Accidentally Deleted Pictures